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How To Start An Import Business
 Name of book:Import Easy
 Author:Alistair Hunt
 Author bio:The author is a veteran of the Importing Business.
 Blurb:This Report From 36 Year Veteran Importer Reveals Tricks Of The Trade. A Quick Visit Will Show That This One Is Genuine. Rare!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Import Export Trade, Import Business
  • "Import Easy" is a practical guide based on real life experience. This report is laser focused on teaching you how to get your importing business started quickly, so that you can start generating income.
  • Import Easy provides you with valuable shortcuts to establishing your Importing Business. One of the most valuable secrets revealed explains which tasks are essential for you to master and which ones you can farm out to others.
  • In clear, simple English you will learn about:
    -Locating suppliers
    -How to get suppliers to come looking for your business
    -Negotiating with suppliers
    -Tax deductible holidays
    -Evaluating products
    -Freight methods, including how to avoid costly traps in the freight industry
    -Using other people's knowledge of importing
    -How to escape from the red tape nightmare
    -Maintaining good relations with your suppliers
    -How and when to make payments to suppliers
    -Why you do not need to learn tariff numbers and rates
    -The difference between being an agent and a distributor
    -Hints on language problems
    -How to avoid losing your established business to a predatory supplier
    -Where to find valuable free information on importing
    -Having products made to order.
  • Price: $49.97 - Get Ebook Now
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How To Start An Import Business
How To Start An Import Business
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