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Instant Recommendation Letter Kit
 Name of book:Instant Recommendation Letter Kit
 Author:Shaun Fawcett
 Author bio:I'm a professional writer and business consultant with more than 25 years of professional experience.
 Blurb:Best-selling eBook on how to write any type of recommendation or reference letter, with 35 real-life downloadable templates.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Recommendation Letter, Letter Writing
  • Instant Recommendation Letter Kit has been designed as the definitive "one-stop" complete and comprehensive information resource and toolkit on how to write recommendation letters.
  • If you find yourself in one of the following situations, Instant Recommendation Letter Kit was designed just for you:
    -You have been approached by someone who wants you to write a recommendation or reference letter for them.
    -You need to ask someone else to write a letter of recommendation or letter of reference for you.
    -You are required to write a recommendation letter or a performance evaluation letter as part of your job and you don't know where to start.
    -You have been asked by a prospective employer to supply some reference of recommendation letters about your previous jobs.
    -You are a teacher who is routinely asked to write letters of recommendation for your students as they progress in their studies or begin work.
    -You are a student, and your teacher has asked you to draft a recommendation or reference letter about you, for their signature.
    -You need a letter(s) of recommendation written on your behalf so that you may qualify for a college or university program or scholarship.
    -You are going to write your own personal letter of recommendation for entry into a college or university program.
    -You have been asked to supply references before entry into a special training course or a post-graduate college or university program.
    -You need a letter of recommendation to obtain funds through qualification in a special scholarship program.
    -You are required to submit an admission essay with your application for acceptance into a college undergraduate or graduate program.
    -You are a business person and you need a professional reference letter that you can show to prospective customers, suppliers, or financial partners.
    -You are a tenant and you need to prepare a letter of recommendation or reference for your landlord's signature to help you get a new place.
    -You are "shopping" for an online writing service that will help you draft the required admission essays and/or recommendation letters.
  • Here's what Instant Recommendation Letter Kit will do for you:
    -You'll learn all about the four major types of recommendation letters, and how they're all written and used differently for different situations.
    -You'll find out what works well, and what doesn't work, when writing a letter of recommendation.
    -You'll discover over 43 valuable practical tips, tricks, and pointers on how to write winning recommendation letters that get the job done.
    -You'll have access to dozens of proven insider strategies on how to write the most powerful and convincing letters of recommendation.
    -You'll own 35 63 real-life sample templates of the the various recommendation letters that you can download into your word processor.
    -You'll get more than 80 specially-researched online links to the top recommendation letter information and service resource sites on the Net.
  • Price: $29.97 - Get Ebook Now
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