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Pricing Strategy Associates
 Name of book:Pricing Psychology Report
 Author:Marlene Jensen
 Author bio:Marlene teaches pricing strategies at the Ancell School of Business, Western CT State University, and e-marketing at the University of Phoenix Online. She is also working on her doctoral dissertation in pricing.
 Blurb:Pricing strategy books including the Pricing Psychology Report. Increase your profits!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Pricing Psychology, Pricing
  • "Pricing Psychology Report" explains WHY higher prices can sometimes attract MORE buyers, and what market conditions make it more likely to happen. Many of these factors are under your direct control. Armed with this knowledge, you can figure out how to make it work for YOUR products and/or services.
  • Pricing Psychology Report shows how you can identify these two different customer groups and learn which are psychologically predisposed to pay more and which are not. It also shows you pricing strategies that allow you to legally price your product(s) or services differently to those groups.
  • You'll learn about how you can use them to set up your own price testing. Once you can test prices, you'll know what you're charging is the most profitable price. No more leaving thousands of dollars on the table that you could have collected. No more guessing. No more worrying.
  • The Pricing Psychology Report contains no textbook theory or page-bulking-up blather. It's just 11 chapters (56 pages) of pricing strategies that have real-world testing to back them up:
    -How to raise prices without losing sales - what works and why
    -"Magic" numbers that increase orders
    -"Bad" numbers that discourage orders
    -When putting cents in your price is a danger
    -How your "decor" is connected to the price you can get
    -Psychological tricks in discounting
    -How to "hide" price increases in plain sight
    -The psychology of negotiating prices
    -Pricing alerts - danger signs that you're seriously underpriced
    -How to charge different prices to different groups - legally
    -2 FREE online testing solutions - so you can test prices yourself
    -PLUS... a chapter of interviews with Internet marketing gurus - including Jim Edwards, Anne Holland, Harmony Major, Michael Nicholas, and Dr. Judith Briles - on what they've found works in pricing psychology.
  • Price: $47.00 - Get Ebook Now
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