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The Ibs Self-Help Program - If You Suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), you might have any of the following symptoms: -Severe bloating - every time I ate food my stomach would double in size -Severe stomach cramps/abdominal pain - I had constant aches and pains after eating -Constipation - I noticed I suffered from this after eating processed foods -Lower back pain - I had constant aches in the lower part of my back -Diarrhea - this alternated with constipation -Groin pain - a constant ache around my groin area -Shooting pains in my legs - sometimes severe, and sometimes in the lower back -Chronic fatigue - I constantly felt like I had no energy -Panic attacks and heart palpitations - the most scariest of all symptoms -Light headiness after eating - a strange feeling after eating? -Heartburn and acid stomach - I've suffered from these for over 10 years
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The IBS Self-Help Program The IBS Self-Help Program
Category: Health
Subcategory: Remedies
Tags: Ibs, Ibs Treatment
A radically new and proven way to beat IBS! $29.95
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