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Wholesale Supplier Guide For eBay Seller
 Name of book:Buy Anything Wholesale
 Author:Charles Dougherty
 Blurb:Find a wholesale supplier and pay up to 80% off retail prices. A must have for eBay sellers.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Ebay Auction, Ebay Seller
  • "Buy ANYTHING Wholesale" ebook is #1 guide to REAL wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, liquidators and drop shippers. What ever it is that you are looking for, whether it be brand name consumer electronics, clothing, auto parts, pet supplies, bicycles are about to find out exactly where and how to get it. Find a wholesale supplier for any product you want in just a few minutes and pay up to 80% below wholesale prices. The real "secret" information is not the suppliers themselves, but how and where to find them as easy and quickly as possible.
  • In "Buy Anything Wholesale" guide, you will learn:
    -How to easily find a wholesale supplier, manufacturer, or drop shipper for virtually any product you want
    -How to get your products for up to 80% below wholesale prices
    -Simple methods to getting around a supplier's minimum order quantities
    -Exactly how to deal with suppliers in order to get what you want
    -The amazing secrets behind backdoor to get your hands on the really prestigious items like real Rolex watches, without having a dealers license
    -How to start with no money or products to sell.
  • You will learn:
    -The golden rule that you MUST follow before you make any deal with a supplier
    -How to work less hours and make more money
    -How to choose the perfect product to sell. Learn which products will bring in the biggest profit margins
    -Just for fun...exactly how wholesale lists are made. You could use this information to create and sell your own wholesale lists if you so choose.
  • You will gain knowledge about:
    -What to do when a supplier refuses to give you samples
    -What to do when a supplier accepts only one kind of payment method
    -How to NOT get ripped off by the many con artists and scumbags
    -The simple truth about drop shipping, and how easy it is to find a reliable drop shipper
    -The one irresistible offer you can make a supplier to make them forget about those large minimum order quantities
    -How to get your products fresh from the factory.
  • Price: $37.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Wholesale Supplier Guide For eBay Seller
Wholesale Supplier Guide For eBay Seller
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