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Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Tools
 Name of book:Secrets of Breaking Into Pharmaceutical Sales
 Author:Pat Riley
 Author bio:Pat Riley has been in the executive search field for about 6 years. He began his pharmaceutical sales recruiting career with a leading Houston-based search firm. While at this firm, Pat Riley worked with two world-class pharmaceutical companies to build and expand their national pharmaceutical sales teams. Whether directly or through an affiliate program, Pat has worked with the majority of major pharmaceutical and medical companies. Pat earned awards for top performance in the placement of candidates on a national basis and, in the process, built one of the nation's leading pharmaceutical sales and medical sales recruiting practices.

In October of 2001 he started "10 Abbott Street", an executive search firm specializing in pharmaceutical and software sales placements.

Also in 2001, Pat Riley and a business partner (with 9 years of pharmaceutical sales experience) launched The purpose of this site is to provide people with the tools to obtain a pharmaceutical sales position. is a "one-stop-shopping" pharmaceutical career portal, overflowing with all the information you need to educate and prepare yourself for a career in pharmaceutical sales.

Pat Riley is a native Texan who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 1992 from Texas A&M in Industrial Technology. After graduation, Pat Riley spent his first 5 years in various sales positions within corporate America.
 Blurb:Pharmaceutical Sales Recruiter REVEALS all Secrets.Interview Questions & Answers, Resume Tips, Networking, job, career.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Selling, Pharmaceutical Sales
  • "How To Get A Pharmaceutical Sales Job Making $45,000 To $70,000 -- Even If You've Never Sold Before!"
    Finally! A proven strategy for breaking into this prestigious career, with tips and tricks from an industry insider to help you get in the door and get hired fast. 100% Guaranteed!
  • "Secrets of Breaking into Pharmaceutical Sales", is an 80-page, "quick read" guide that you can download and start using in just 2 minutes! In it, you'll discover:
    - Why there's never been a better time to break into pharmaceutical sales! Hint: it's the ultimate recession-proof industry! Because people get sick and need medicine in ANY economy! (see page 6)
    - Eight insider tricks to help you get your foot in the door and meet district managers who can hire you! Forget the classified ads. I'll show you eight powerful ways to build a network of people who will go out and actually BRING you job leads. Amazing! (see page 10)
    - Did you know the typical pharmaceutical sales call lasts less than two minutes?- and is made standing up? As a result, hiring managers are looking for a certain kind of candidate. What kind? And how do you measure up? (see page 42)
    - Five ways to overcome a lack of sales experience. Can you still get hired? Yes! But you must do certain things very differently -- or your job search is doomed. You'll learn how to stop beating your head against a wall and get that pharmaceutical sales job, even if you have NO selling experience! (see pages 38-39)
    - The "secret" internal referral programs you can use to make your job search take off like a skyrocket. Almost every pharmaceutical company has a "backdoor entrance" like this in place?- now, you can use it to stack the deck in your favor! (see page 17)
    - How to build a powerful resume, worth thousands of dollars in new salary! Learn how a hiring manager really "reads"your resume. What gives your resume a competitive advantage? What's the most important thing to emphasize in your resume? Hint: It's not your "experience"?- (see pages 22-23)
  • - Seven secrets for pulling priceless info-nuggets from dull academic journals -- use these to ace your job interview. You'll even get a sample script so you'll know exactly what to say! (see pages 43-44)
    - Three ways for recent college graduates to get hired as pharmaceutical sales reps. PLUS an actual script you can use when talking to hiring managers on the phone -- problem solved! (see pages 39-40)
    - A simple trick to influence a hiring manager in your favor. Best of all, other pharmaceutical sales reps will do this for you. Nobody else will tell you this! (see pages 16-17)
    - How to find a recruiter who will work his butt off trying to place you in a pharmaceutical sales job! No more headaches -- I do this for a living and I'll share my best tips to help you find and work with a top-notch recruiter. (see page 20)
    - How to create a "brag book"that sets you apart and gives you an inside track for the job you want. What IS a brag book? How do you build one? What should you include in yours? (see page 34)
    - Twelve traits of superstar pharmaceutical sales reps. When interviewing, you must exude these traits to make the best possible impression. What are they? (see page 36)
    Three types of pharmaceutical sales territories. Knowing this information can dramatically shorten your job search by giving you a clear picture of exactly what kind of position you're after. Because you can't hit a target you can't see! (see page 41)
  • - How to blow away more-experienced job seekers by demonstrating your "repeatable track record." Hiring managers interview loads of candidates for every job. But most fail to go the extra step. You'll learn how! (see page 39)
    - Six powerful ways to research employers using certain websites to uncover little-known gems of information that get you hired! You'll be able to sell yourself to any pharmaceutical hiring manager after reading this. (see pages 43-46).
    - Exactly what happens in the interview and how to prepare. Learn what to expect during your first, second and third interviews. You'll also learn what to bring to in-person interviews. Hint: your resume alone is NOT enough! (see pages 47-49)
    - How to "close" the interview and "ask for the sale." This one tip alone is easily worth the price of the entire book! (see page 50)
    How to maximize your chances by following up effectively after every interview. You'll learn how to avoid "shooting yourself in the foot" by writing and sending an effective follow-up letter to exactly the right person, at exactly the right time! (see page 51-52)
  • Here's a quick look at the Table of Contents, for a peek at what you'll discover in Secrets of Breaking Into Pharmaceutical Sales:
    - Introduction: Why your timing is perfect for finding a job in pharmaceutical sales, and how you can benefit from this fact.
    - Industry Overview: Get smart fast, with a quick look at this exciting industry. You'll learn everything you need to know to conduct your job search.
    - Tips and Tricks to get your foot in the door: Save MONTHS of wasted effort with these methods that are proven to work. Not available in any library or bookstore!
    - Resumes, Cover Letters, and Brag Book: step-by-step instructions to help you create each of these critical job search documents.
    - Profile of a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative: What you need to know to overcome the obstacles that trip up so many uninformed candidates -- do NOT miss out on this one!
    - Typical Day and Schedule: Learn the "anatomy of a sales call" and know exactly what expect on the job. You'll impress employers with the knowledge and confidence you gain from this chapter.
    - Interview Process Outline: Know what to expect and what questions are coming, so you can interview with complete confidence?- and get the job!
    - How to Research Pharmaceutical Companies: Finally, uncover the "information nuggets" that give the power to write a knockout cover letter and knock 'em dead in your next interview.
    - Listing of Pharmaceutical Companies: Makes it easy for you to pinpoint and contact your future employer directly!
  • Price: $39.95 - Get Ebook Now
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