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Home >> Society >> Shopping >> Mens Fashion Tips: Dress For Success
Mens Fashion Tips: Dress For Success
 Name of book:Dress for Success: Mens Fashion Coordination in Suits, Shirts, & Ties
 Author:Leroy Fong
 Author bio:The author is a Men's Fashion Expert.
 Blurb:Men Can Learn About Art Of Coordination For Colors & Patterns To Look Sharp And Smart.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Men Fashion, Fashion Tips
  • In "Dress for Success: Mens Fashion Coordination in Suits, Shirts, & Ties" ebook Men's Fashion Expert teaches you how colors and patterns can be matched easily without looking weird or out of place. You'll impress people with the way you put the whole combination smoothly and stylishly.
  • You'll be learning the easiest and most straightforward knowledge to Dress for Success. It involves not just tons of research to get the right pictorials for correct illustrations but also encompasses a lot of author's own positive and negative experiences to create this men’s fashion resource.
  • Get the very best information and illustrations that can empower men with the ability to conceptualize and apply stylish men’s fashion matching. This is what you are able to get out of my ebook:
    -How to visualize effectively the concepts through our use of actual pictures of suits, shirts and ties.
    -Learn the techniques and concepts in color coordination on:
    -Same Hues
    -Similar Hues
    -Contrasting Hues
    -Complementary Hue
    -Achromatic Hue
    -Conceptualize from the illustrations and explanations on how to play with colors to bring out fashion style.
    -Discover the art of choosing the right colors to coordinate your clothing for different seasons.
    -Develop the knowledge of styling your suits, shirts and ties with different patterns through the in-depth illustrations on:
    -2 similar patterns
    -2 different patterns
    -3 different patterns
    -3 different patterns where 2 are similar
    -3 similar patterns
    -4 different patterns
    -Wear the right dress shoes to coordinate with your attire.
    -Find out about the nice finishing touches that spike up your dressing style.
  • Price: $17.99 - Get Ebook Now
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Mens Fashion Tips: Dress For Success
Mens Fashion Tips: Dress For Success
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