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Home >> Society >> Shopping >> Fake Rolex: An Unofficial Guide
Fake Rolex: An Unofficial Guide
 Name of book:Fake Rolex: The Unofficial Guide to Rolex Replicas
 Author:Richard Brown
 Blurb:A detailed guide to spotting fake or replica Rolex watches.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Fake Rolex, Rolex Replica
  • Fake Rolex is 50 pages of invaluable information assembled through our years of experience tracking counterfeit watches. We'll show you our tricks on quickly spotting the fakes with high resolution pictures and detailed instructions. It'll be a real eye opener when you do a search on your favorite auction site.
  • Fake Rolexes are very popular currently. It advise all readers to do their research before buying either mark online. Some of the fake Rolexes are very close, and require careful study to identify. This book shows you the ins and outs of counterfeit watches. You'll be able to make direct comparisons from the hundreds of high resolution pictures in the book.
  • We use photographs and in-depth reviews to examine 14 of the most famous Rolex brands on the market today:
    -"Green" Submariner
    -"Red" Submariner
    -"Double Red" Sea-Dweller
    -Day-Date (President)
    -Explorer 1
    -Explorer 2
    -Daytona (Modern)
    -Daytona (1980s)
    -"Paul Newman" Daytona
    -GMT 2 Master
  • It provides detailed information on Rolex serial and model numbers, as well as tips on spotting fake Rolex accessories, such as boxes and holographic stickers. With over 200 photographs of counterfeit and real Rolex to compare, you have a visual reference of the flaws you need to be aware of. Add to this the detailed examination and step-by-step analysis on each model and you've got a resource that is unrivaled for spotting fake Rolexes.
  • Price: $19.99 - Get Ebook Now
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Fake Rolex: An Unofficial Guide
Fake Rolex: An Unofficial Guide
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