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Information Technology Toolkit - Every project begins with a need and an idea. But even the greatest need, or the best idea, won't get the job done. Projects have to be planned, managed and monitored to ensure success. And that takes "process" - to deliver successful projects using defined strategies, tasks and deliverables.The Project Management Bundle, from, gives you that "process". Using this practical resource, you get pre-defined guidelines, steps and tools to help you meet the most essential needs of the project management process. The Bundle includes each of the (8) products listed below: #1 The Project Standards Policy Kit #2 The Statement of Work Process Kit #3 The Project Planning Roadmap #4 The Project Planning Checklist #5 The Project Communications Process Kit #6 The Risk Management Process Kit #7 The Project Review Survey Kit #8 The Troubled Project Assessment.
Project Management Basics - "Project Management Basics", gives you everything you need to do a bang up job as a project manager. With this book, you get 2 dynamic courses to drive your success: 1. Technical Project Management 2. Successful Meeting Management.
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The Project Management Bundle The Project Management Bundle
Category: Computing
Subcategory: Network Administration
Tags: Project Planning, Project Management
Covering the project lifecycle from start to finish! .... the Bundle encompasses all the key essentials of the project lifecycle, including best practices implementation, project initiation, project planning, project communication, risk management, and post project reviews.
Project Management Basics Project Management Basics
Category: Business
Subcategory: Management
Tags: Project Management, Management Tips
The Manual to Delivering Projects on Time and on Budget, When Other's Can't!
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