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Why Do You Overeat? Get The Answer Now - This book contains the 300 pages of original content by Zoe Harcombe. It explains, in detail, the medical conditions that cause you to overeat, what you CAN DO to overcome them and how to get your eating back in control. The bottom line is that you overeat because you are a food addict. You know that your cravings for food are so bad that all the will power in the world can't stop you eating certain foods. If only you could get rid of those cravings you could stick to a diet and lose weight.
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Why do you Overeat? when all you want is to be slim Why do you Overeat? when all you want is to be slim
Category: Health
Subcategory: Nutrition
Tags: Overeating, Weight Loss
Lose up to 14lb in 5 days. No counting anything, no low anything, just lose those pounds easily and safely.
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