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The 2005 Funding Directory - Imagine having immediate and direct access to every source of lending and funding in North America. From Government grants and programs, to low interest business loans and foundation grants, the 2005 Loans and Grants Funding Directory is your first and most important step to finding the money you need. For your business, for your home, for your family, if there is funding available you'll find it in the 2005 Loans and Grants Funding Directory.
Stress-Free And Profitable Fund Raising - Stress-Free (And Profitable) Fundraising is truly the most comprehensive book you will find. It has more than 150 of the jealously-guarded secrets professional fundraisers use to create a flood of donations. Stress-Free (And Profitable) Fundraising has 11 jam-packed chapters that show you an easier, stress-free way to get more donations.
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Fund Raising Ebooks
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The 2005 Funding Directory The 2005 Funding Directory
Category: Business
Subcategory: Education
Tags: Funding Directory, Fund Raising
A complete directory of every source of funding in the United States including grants, loans, and venture capital. $28.95
Stress-Free And Profitable Fundraising Stress-Free And Profitable Fundraising
Category: Society
Subcategory: Charity
Tags: Fund Raisers, Fund Raising
Everything you need to know about fund raising but didn't know whom to ask. Fundraising & Fund Raisers Secrets you must know!
Fundraising for REAL People Fundraising for REAL People
Category: Society
Subcategory: Charity
Tags: Fund Raising, Fund Raising Campaign
Find the best fundraising campaigns, discover the campaigns with the best profit ratios, & uncover a wealth of online resources. $19.95
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