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Total Soccer Fitness
 Name of book:Total Soccer Fitness
 Author:Phil Davies
 Author bio:The author is BSc.Hons, CSCS, CPT.
 Blurb:Complete guide to soccer conditioning.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Soccer, Soccer Fitness
  • "Total Soccer Fitness" is a 165 page training manual, packed from cover to cover with drills, sessions and programs used by the world's top players and teams. It's a step-by-step guide that will empower you to develop the best fitness and conditioning program for yourself or your team. The manual contains all the guidelines, instructions and sample programs you need to put together a super-effective conditioning program. It also features dozens of sample drills and exercises.
  • Divided into 7 easy-to-follow sections here's a brief outline of what you'll learn:
    Section 1 - Aerobic & Anaerobic Endurance Conditioning
    Section 2 - Strength & Power Conditioning
    Section 3 - Speed & Agility Conditioning
    Section 4 - Flexibility Conditioning
    Section 5 - Warming Up & Cooling Down
    Section 6 - Testing Soccer Fitness
    Section 7 - Planning Your Soccer Conditioning Program
    Tons of Soccer-specific strength, power & flexibility exercises, sample endurance sessions, speed & agility drills and fitness assessments.
  • Learn how to develop peak soccer fitness and you will literally transform your game:
    -You'll gain a huge competitive edge over your opponents
    -You (or your team) will be stronger, faster and more powerful
    -You (or your team) will be quicker and more agile
    -Your skill level will appear to increase without extra practice
    -Ultimately you or your team will perform to a much higher standard
    -You'll take far more enjoyment and satisfaction from the game.
  • Price: $29.00 - Get Ebook Now
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