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Start An Internet Membership Web Site
 Name of book:How to Start Your Own Profitable Paid Internet Website
 Author:Steve Faber
 Author bio:The author is CEO of
 Blurb:How Anyone Can Start a Fantastic Recurring Revenue Machine Right Now with Paid Membership Websites.

 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Online Business, Internet Business
  • A complete, practical step-by-step guide to successfully developing and launching a paid membership web site. This ebook shares with you, step-by-step, how to successfully promote a membership site and build a real online community that people want to become part of. You'll receive invaluable marketing advice. You'll learn what software works (and what doesn't!), where to advertise, what to advertise and five secrets of getting people to join your membership site. You'll learn how to write good marketing copy, and what information it should include.
  • If you want to learn how to create a highly profitable, income-generating business with minimum start-up costs, this guide will teach you how. In this course you'll learn such things as:
    -How to build a successful membership site, including features, layout, and fonts-without spending outrageous web development fees
    -The top categories for paid membership sites
    -Marketing trends: Learn what the potential income is, and most importantly, WHERE it's coming from.
    -Success stories from top paid membership sites
    -How to create a business plan and model that really works
    -How to get feedback, and update your site to increase sales
    -How to successfully promote your site
    And much more.
  • You'll learn:
    -Tips for choosing the right domain name and best hosting platform to help your profits take off
    -The elements you must have for a successful site
    -How much to charge, and how often to charge: find the option that's right for your site
    -How to create and manage private membership areas
    -Learn how to quickly and easily update your site content
    -How to increase revenue and customer loyalty by using cross-selling and up-selling tactics
    -Secrets to understanding your customers' needs and offering value-added products and services
    -The perfect mix of free and paid content that keeps your visitors coming back and paying every month
    -Taking care of orders: You'll learn the advantages of shopping cart and catalog features, and which sites must have them
    -I'll discuss different payment methods (and which online services are best to use), including creating site security, and more
    -Tips for promoting, tracking and managing your own affiliate program.
  • Includes a complete discussion of:
    -How to create a "mentor" site
    -Five rules of site architecture that you MUST know
    -The secret of creating ads that get response
    -How to take credit card billing and protect your customers
    -How to promote yourself offline.
  • Price: $47.97 - Get Ebook Now
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Start An Internet Membership Web Site
Start An Internet Membership Web Site
Price: $47.97