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Actual Affiliate
 Name of book:Affiliate Warriors Vol. 1
 Author:Bruno Delepierre
 Author bio:The author is head of
 Blurb:The ultimate guide to affiliate marketing.

 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing
  • In Affiliate Warriors Manuall you'll discover:
    -A unique 5-step affiliate marketing formula that works every single time, no matter what affiliate program you want to promote
    -Expert advice on Merchant Fraud and techniques to expose it
    -115 pages, jam packed with detailed instructions allowing you to begin earning serious cash right now
    Easy to understand, concrete advice and detailed, step by step instructions.
  • Let us share you a secret, there's actually only one thing you need in order to succeed as an affiliate: Knowledge.
    -The knowledge to stand out of hundreds of other affiliates that promote exactly the same products
    -The knowledge to get your visitor to sign up for the service YOU want them to sign up for
    -The knowledge to become a true super-affiliate
    That's where our Affiliate Warriors Manuall comes in.
  • In "Affiliate Warriors Vol 1." you will learn all the keen affiliate marketing ideas, the common pitfalls and the 5 step, proven to work affiliate marketing strategy, including:
    -6 easy-to-follow steps to optimise the performance of your affiliate marketing efforts
    -Learn why it's totally wrong to promote a product judging upon the sales commission percentage that merchant offers you
    0Dozens of real life case studies and ideas for implementing this strategy into your own affiliate marketing, including 7 fool-proof ideas for building a steady income stream!
    -An expert yet easy to understand affiliate marketing strategy that will help you to triple or quadruple your current affiliate commissions!
    -15 affiliate marketing fundamentals that every webmaster *must* respect in order to be profitable
    -The only proven method to stand out from your competition
    -16 quick yet highly effective ideas that will skyrocket your earnings
    -12 practical techniques to select the RIGHT affiliate program for your website
    -The 15 biggest obstacles to affiliate marketing and how YOU can avoid them!
    And much more.
  • Price: $39.89 - Get Ebook Now
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