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Business Owners Profit Guide
 Name of book:Business Owner's Profit Guide
 Author:Robin Darch
 Author bio:The author is FCA, PRT Specialised Services Ltd.
 Blurb:How to get profit-creating information from your accounting service.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Business Accounting, Accounting Service
  • "The Business Owner's Profit Guide" is a 94-page manual. It gives "inside information" on how to get SO much more out of the accounting service that you're already paying for. This manual is written in understandable english, avoiding that hard-to-understand accounting terminology and explains the HOW and WHY of financial planning and control.
  • "The Business Owner's Profit Guide" will show you:
    -How to get vital "insider information" about your own company from the monthly accounts and get much more control over finances
    -Learn how to locate and easily handle those positive and negative trends which your company is constantly creating
    -Learn how to define your best interests, wishes and needs in regards to finances and the running of your company...and how to do financial planning the easy way without any need for becoming an accountant
    -Learn how to evaluate and compare accounting services and find out WHAT you can demand from an accounting firm and HOW to get the service that will enable you to increase your profits and income continuously while gradually reducing problems until the balance is where YOU want it to be
    -Learn how MUCH more you can get out from your accounting service in terms of accurate information to make your decisions easier and the outcome of your solutions more in line with what you really want.
  • We will also show you how your business activity creates opportunities every day in form of positive trends. Normally and in the run of basic accounting service, these opportunities usually go unnoticed for months (or forever). We will also show you the anatomy of problems, how they are born unnoticed and how they can remain hidden... and how those huge monster-problems can only come to be BECAUSE they can stay concealed and grow their insidious roots into every nook and cranny of your business activity.
  • Price: $47.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Business Owners Profit Guide
Business Owners Profit Guide
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