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Become An Expert In Any Niche In 30 Days
 Name of book:How to Become an Expert in Your Niche in 30 Days
 Author:Ewen Chia and Fabio Marciano
 Author bio:Fabio “fabman” Marciano is the author of The Secrets of Wealth and The Wealthy Pauper. He is also the president of The Wealthy Pauper, LLC a company whose mission is to help educate people about investing and personal development. Ewen Chia is a veteran and highly respected Internet marketer who has been marketing online since 1997. He is the CEO of Instant Marketing Secrets Inc and partner of Midas Touch Marketing.
 Blurb:Become an Expert in Any Niche in 30 Days or Less.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Business Promotion, Niche Business
  • "How to Become an Expert in Your Niche in 30 Days…Or Less!" is a complete system on promoting your business and raising your status for instant recognition and fortune. Here's a small sample of the amazing strategies you’ll soon uncover with our system:
    -The no-brainer secret for building a high-profit email list of hungry customers
    -How to easily reproduce and package niche products for BIG profits
    -The simplest way to turn browsers into BUYERS
    -How to get loads of targeted "Ready-To-Buy" traffic
    -The amazing power of the "Presell"
    -Profit from your voice
    -Secret of being a media darling
    -How to create profitable joint ventures with the top guns and other businesses in your niche
    -How to get a truckload of affiliates selling your products for you
    -How to use 'Guerilla Marketing Tactics' to announce your products to hundreds of thousands
    PLUS too many insider tips and techniques.
  • “How to Become an Expert in Your Niche in 30 Days…or less!” is perfect for:
    -Internet marketers looking to breakthrough all the clutter and noise to start making SERIOUS MONEY..
    -Small business owners who want to bring in tons more business...
    -Authors and writers looking to promote their books and articles like crazy...
    -Newcomers to the internet looking to strike it rich...
    -Really ANYONE looking to make extra cash by raising their status in their niche.
  • This 271 page manual reveals the exact 10-step system you can use immediately to turn yourself from a 'nobody' to an overnight celebrity in your own niche!
    Step #1: Basic Business Tools
    Step #2: Your Web-Site
    Step #3: Writing Articles & Publishing Your Newsletter
    Step #4: Writing eBooks & Books
    Step #5 - Networking, creating Joint Ventures and your own Affiliate Program
    Step #6: Coaching Clients
    Step #7: Creating Additional Information Products
    Step #8: Holding Seminars, Teleseminars & Bootcamps
    Step #9: Media & PR
    Step #10: Learning How to Sell and Promote Yourself!
  • Price: $67.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Become An Expert In Any Niche In 30 Days
Become An Expert In Any Niche In 30 Days
Price: $67.00