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Proven Advertising Secrets - Now In Mp3
 Name of book:Scientific Advertising
 Author:Claude Hopkins
 Blurb:Learn From The Master Advertiser Anytime, Anywhere. Listen to Claude Hopkin's Scientific Advertising in Hi-Fi Quality Mp3 Now!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Scientific Advertising, Advertising Secrets
  • With "Scientific Advertising" learn the step-by-step method of getting block-buster responses from EVERY advertisement or sales campaign with these 21 simple lessons. With the principles discussed in the book, you have the golden opportunity of winning with every ad you publish, every brochure you print, every email you send, your website copy... even your resume! Once you start applying the principles in "Scientific Advertising" you'll notice a gradual change in your sales results.
  • You'll discover secrets such as:
    -How safe is advertising?
    -What is the only purpose of advertising?
    -Discover why the best ads asks no one to buy!
    -Find out how studying simple mail order ads can multiply the pulling power of any ad!
    -Discover the real power of headlines
    -Discover how an identical offer, worded just differently, brought in many, many times more sales
    -"... a tungsten lamp gives more light" vs " gives three and one-third times the light...". Which one is better... discover why the better one outpulls the other
    -Long wordy ads... or short, to the point ads? Find out who wins... and why
    -Do pictures and photos help get more responses?
    -Why are clever inventions almost always commercial flops?
    -How much research is considered enough?
    -How to name your product and service for maximum profit
    -Discover how using samples can multiply your profits
    -Shortcuts and strategies to get your product distributed nationwide
    -How to run test campaigns that virtually guarantee you mind-blowing success
    -Are dealer promotional costs killing you? Find out
    -Is it better to highlight the losses... or to highlight the benefits?
    -Discover the power of simple "letter writing"... and reap in the harvest
    -How a proper product name brings in years of continuing profits... and how the wrong name kills the same product
    -A simple test to see if your ad is ever read.
  • Price: $29.97 - Get Ebook Now
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Proven Advertising Secrets - Now In Mp3
Proven Advertising Secrets - Now In Mp3
Price: $29.97