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Uncle Sam's Tax Audit Assistant
 Name of book:Discover How To Survive An IRS Tax Audit In 7 Minutes
 Author:Bonnie Evans
 Blurb:Survival Manuals for 64 Industries and Professions Currently on the Irs Target List.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Irs Tax, Tax Audit
  • Uncle Sam’s Tax Audit Assistant contains examination techniques, common and unique industry issues, business practices, industry terminology and other useful information to assist examiners in performing their audit of your business.
  • Here are reasons why you should own your own copy of IRS Tax Audit Assistant:
    -The Tax Audit Assistant manuals are written specifically for the 64 key industries and professions currently targeted by the IRS
    -The Tax Audit Assistant manuals are thorough and well-researched
    -THE document that turned IRS generalists into SPECIALISTS in YOUR profession or industry
    -The Tax Audit Assistant is a valuable asset for your business
    -The Tax Audit Assistant will take you through a real-life audit of your business
    -The Tax Audit Assistant will permit you to work more effectively with your own tax professional
    -The Tax Audit Assistant will put your mind at ease when thinking about common non-compliance issues
    -The Tax Audit Assistant will guide you in how to prevent audit problems before they occur
    -The Tax Audit Assistant will answer your most daunting question, “What is the IRS looking for?"
    -The Tax Audit Assistant will give you the edge you need when responding to an IRS audit
    -Easy-to-follow manual that will walk you through every aspect of your business practice
    -Allows you to be IN CONTROL of the audit process
    -Learn the background secrets of the audit process
    -Save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in fines and penalties
    -Move forward in the development of your business instead of wasting your energy on fear of the IRS
  • You absolutely MUST own your own copy if:
    -You recently received an audit notice from the IRS
    -You are a tax professional or an attorney helping a client
    -You simply want to stay informed and ahead of your competition
    -You want to know YOUR rights as an American taxpayer
    -You want an insider’s look into a real audit
    -You are in a state of panic and don’t know what to expect from an audit
    -You want to know how the new audit procedures will affect you
    -You want to know the most commonly overlooked credits and deductions within your profession or industry
    -You want to learn all you can about the new weapon of the IRS
    -You want to know how to approach an audit to maximize your chances of success.
  • Price: $39.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Uncle Sam's Tax Audit Assistant
Uncle Sam's Tax Audit Assistant
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