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E-Newsletters That Work
 Name of book:E-Newsletters That Work
 Author:Michael J. Katz
 Author bio:Michael J. Katz is Founder of Boston based, Blue Penguin Development, Inc. and is a recognized expert in the creation and management of effective electronic newsletters. He is the publisher of \"Michael Katz\'\'s E-Newsletter On E-Newsletters,\" a free biweekly now in its 5th year, and has developed dozens of E-Newsletters. His consulting practice has been profiled in The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, Bloomberg TV, Business Week Online and in a special report by Peppers and Rogers on the subject of effective email marketing.
 Blurb:The small business owner's guide to creating, writing and publishing an effective electronic newsletter.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:E-newsletters, Online Newsletters
  • "E-Newsletters That Work" is a 80 page e-book will show you in an easy, compelling, fresh and practical way - how to create an effective E-Newsletter for your business. Techniques that you can use immediately to start or improve your E-Newsletter. It is based on 6 years of experience developing, managing, writing and fixing electronic newsletters.
  • Here's just a sample of the questions answered in "E-Newsletters That Work":
    -How do I decide what to write about?
    -How often should the newsletter be published?
    -How important is it to send an HTML newsletter?
    -How much subscriber information should I require at sign-up?
    -Where do I get the email addresses from, and how do I make sure I'm not "spamming" people?
    -What's the best editorial format?
    -How long should the newsletter be?
    -What do I do if I can't write?
    -Should I "force" a visit to my web site?
    -Should I sell ads in my newsletter?
    -What goes in the "From" field when I send the newsletter?
    -What's likely to go wrong?
    -What's the correct mix of "promotional content" Vs. "real content?"
    -How do I manage email bouncebacks?
    -How do I define a target audience?
    -Can I send the newsletter as an email attachment?
    -How much hyperlinking is appropriate?
    And many more.
  • "E-Newsletters That Work" contains a special appendix section devoted to the topic of E-Newsletter vendor outsourcing, including:
    -Understanding what an email outsourcer does
    -Deciding which aspects of your E-Newsletter to outsource and which aspects not to
    -Understanding the risks involved in outsourcing
    -Understanding the costs involved in outsourcing
    -Deciding how to choose an E-Newsletter outsourcer.
  • Price: $29.95 - Get Ebook Now
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E-Newsletters That Work
E-Newsletters That Work
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