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Press Release Fire: The Definitive Guide
 Name of book:Press Release Fire
 Author:Brad Callen
 Author bio:The author runs and operates, which is a leading Search Engine Optimization software product.
 Blurb:Brand New Guide On Ranking Better Than #1 In Google In Under 24 Hours!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Press Release Writing, Press Release
  • In this new eBook, "Press Release Fire", you have all the ingredients you need to give your company's image that huge boost it deserves. It includes an in-depth analysis of successful press release strategies. These are tested strategies and tactics - they just work. All you have to do is follow along, and use tested system.
  • A few of the things you will learn in my new system:
    -Write successful press releases
    -The ins and outs of distributing your press release - find out how to reach the people who REALLY MATTER in your industry
    -How to optimize your press release for the search engines - so that you can bring in qualified leads at will
    -The real deal about tracking the impact of your press release
    -How to choose a press release distribution service
    -How to choose a professional press release writer
    -How one single tactic can guarantee that editors and journalists rush head-over-heels to read your press release FIRST
    -The right way to use a powerful technique that can give your press release instant credibility.
  • The book also includes:
    -How old tricks can still land you surprisingly large profits
    -Learn how to optimize your press release for search engines to get your news in front of people actively looking for it
    -The real truth behind getting high rankings through press releases
    -The common myths associated with press releases
    -Learn how to bring a laser-focus in your press release
    -Write stunning press releases
    -Learn how to read your market to create press releases specifically with your readers - i.e. the media - in mind
    -How to reach that first line of success
    -A powerful strategy to build upon your first success
    -A little-known technique that can double your media exposure
    -How to turn one failed press release into a long list of successes
    -Find out how the timing of your press release can determine its success.
  • It is a resource that could:
    -Get you an interview with CNN
    -Bring BBC News knocking on your door
    -Get coverage in popular news portals like Google News, Yahoo News and Wired
    -Put you in the coveted "top spot" of your industry
    -Drive torrents of targeted traffic to your websites
    -Establish instant credibility for you and your products.
  • Price: $19.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Press Release Fire: The Definitive Guide
Press Release Fire: The Definitive Guide
Price: $19.95