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2500+ Native American Names & Meanings
 Name of book:2500+Native American Indian Names & Their Meanings
 Author:Not Available
 Blurb:Names by tribe or native origin, gender, alphabet, English meaning, category.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:American Indian Names, Native American Names
  • Gain instant access to the most complete resource of Native American Names available -- almost 3000 Native American Names sorted by tribe and over 1000 Sorted by Tribe, Alphabetically, by Gender and By Category (Print copies also available).
  • Take a Look Again at All That's Included What Information Could You Use?
    -Information like this is not available anywhere else (like bookstores or other websites) except through authorized distributors. It took us month's to accumulate this for you!
    -Learn secrets of actual historical naming tradition information like the true story of "Sings You a Song" written in the early 1900's about a little girl & her name.
    -Find out even more historical information and examples of "How Native Names are Given to Infants and Adults"
    -Use our easy to use glossary of Indian Names, Proper Names, Tribal Names, Places, People, States & Meanings: 20+ pages with many links
    -Take advantage of our easy to use book with names categorized several ways. Quickly search by tribe, or by action, animal, name, nature, person, place, thing, trait or water words.
    -Receive (available only here) the most incredibly awesome, beautiful and even historical collection of screen saver resources. You won't want to miss these! There's over 200 links. This alone would take an experienced internet searcher days (if not weeks) utilizing some very expensive software to find. A great bonus item. (information below)
  • Price: $14.99 - Get Ebook Now
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2500+ Native American Names & Meanings
2500+ Native American Names & Meanings
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