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How To Get Started' Computer eBooks
 Name of book:Logon Scripts
 Author:Guy Thomas
 Blurb:Windows 2003, VBScripts, Migration and Performance Monitoring.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Windows 2003 / 2000 Logon Scripts, Logon Scripts
  • What you get in your eBook is lots of examples showing how to create Windows 2003 / 2000 logon scripts using VBScript. The ebook covers all aspects of the classic 'Map Network Drive' and 'Create Printer' methods. Not only do you get 'after sales' help with the examples, but if you buy my ebooks then I will help you with you troubleshoot you own scripts.
  • Over 40 worked examples showing you how to design VBScripts. Popular tasks like creating printers and mapping network drives covered in depth. This is my best selling ebook.
  • Contents of Logon Scripts for Windows 2003/2000:
    -Scripting methods to map Network Drives
    -Mapping the home directory to a username
    -Deleting a mapped drive - useful in testing
    -How to map to groups
    -Adding a network printer
    -Mapping multiple network printers
    -Setting the Default Printer
    -Deleting a printers - useful in logoff scripts
    -Detailed steps for assigning Logon Scripts through Group Policy
    -Improved troubleshooting section with Code 800 errors
    -VBScript's Object, Method and Property model explained
    -Learning points explained: For .... Next loops
    -Processing commands using: If... Then, Else, End If
    -Glossary of scripting terms
    -How WSH (Windows Scripting Host) works with VBScript and CScript.
  • Price: $5.95 - Get Ebook Now
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How To Get Started' Computer eBooks
How To Get Started' Computer eBooks
Price: $5.95