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Home >> Computing >> Network Administration >> How To Secure Your Windows Computer Now
How To Secure Your Windows Computer Now
 Name of book:How to Secure Your Computer Using Free Tools and Smart Strategies
 Author:Doug Partridge & Kevin Ryan
 Author bio:Kevin Ryan and I have over 24 years of combined experience in the Information Technology field.
 Blurb:Step-by-Step Windows Guide to Protect Your Computer & Privacy From Malicious Internet Threats.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Computer Security, Internet Security
  • -Do you store anything critical on your computer (accounts, passwords, personal files, financial information, etc.)?
    -Ask yourself what could happen if your most sensitive files were stolen?
    -How disruptive and devastating would a "computer crash" from rogue malicious programs be to your personal life or business?
    We can show you how to get thorough and complete protection for your computer and private information -- without spending a fortune -- interested?
    Introducing the step-by-step how-to Internet Security Guide that should have come with your Windows Computer.
  • Here are the highlights from "How to Secure Your Computer Using Free Tools and Smart Strategies":
    -How to lock-down your computer using the Mandatory 1-2-3-4 Punch. Without doing these 4 things, your computer is practically guaranteed to be infected with malicious self-replicating software programs.
    -Windows "out of the box" is not nearly as secure as it could be, we'll show you simple configuration steps that will greatly increase your level of security and privacy.
    -How to achieve "stealth mode" on the Internet. Once you do this, people searching for computers to compromise will not even know you're on the Internet. On the other hand, without "stealth mode," you're an open target on the Internet.
    -How to protect your privacy and security over Email and Instant Messaging.
    -How to get maximum privacy for your sensitive information using data encryption. Even if your computer is stolen, no one will be able to read your information.
    -Learn the #1 reason your Anti-Virus program may be practically useless, and how to fix this. We'll show you two simple program settings that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your Anti-Virus software.
    -What to do when your Anti-Virus program finds viruses it can't remove.
    And much more.
  • Price: $29.95 - Get Ebook Now
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How To Secure Your Windows Computer Now
How To Secure Your Windows Computer Now
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