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Mad About Westies
 Name of book:Mad About Westies
 Author:Jeff Cuckson
 Author bio:Jeff is a Fellow Westie Lover.
 Blurb: How to have have the Happiest, Healthiest and Most Well-Behaved West Highland Terrier You've Always Dreamed Of!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Westies, West Highland Terrier
  • "Mad About Westies" is a groundbreaking guide about Westies and it's the result of years of research. It's packed with pages of pure gold when it comes to living with and loving your Westie!
    All the Westie tips, techniques and secrets are revealed in plain you don't have to be a "dog scientist" to understand them.
    If you want a happy, healthy, and well-trained Westie that's easy to live with... you must get this downloadable guide today!
  • I spent several months compiling the answer to all my questions and now I am going to share them all in the guide called "Mad About Westies!" which has been specifically written for Westie owners and those people who are seriously considering buying one of these fabulous dogs.
    And if you're a West Highland Terrier lover who wants to have the happiest, healthiest, and most well behaved Westie you've ever dreamed of. then this is definitely for you.
    This guide covers everything there is to know about West Highland Terriers. It's called "Mad About Westies!"
  • Here's a sneak preview at what you'll discover in Mad About Westies:
    -The 3 keys to Success in house training your Westie ! (Page 72)
    -A wonderful non-physical and effective correction tool for undesirable behaviour... You'll never guess this one. (Page 81)
    -How to train your Westie not to jump up on people and other pets.
    -10 Essential Tips for West Highland Terrier owners who work out all day! (Page 85)
    -Three lifestyles not recommended for those considering getting a Westie!
    -Five easy ways to make your Westie love you and their new home!
    -A nineteen point checklist to ask a breeder before considering getting a Westie.! (Page 26)
    -14 warning signs that might save your West Highland Terrier's life! (Page 121)
    -The right kind of food that's best for Westies! (not all dogs are the same...and they shouldn't all eat the same food. This could make a huge difference in your Westie's health and vitality!)
    -How to train your Westie NOT to bark as much! (Page 63)
    -The one thing you should never do with your Westie ... This can lead to health and behaviour problems.
    -How to make sure a Westie is the right dog for you and your family BEFORE you spend your hard-earned money!
    -Should you buy a Westie puppy or should you buy an adult Westie?
    -3 factors to consider when paper training a puppy in an apartment! (Page 74)
    -"Crate Training" - what it is...and is it safe for Westies?
    -10 essential factors when grooming your West Highland Terrier (Page 96)
    -Want to whiten your Westies coat ... Try this little trick. (Page 106)
    -We discuss the question often asked. "Are Westies hypo allergenic?"
    -Which food is better for Westies...canned, dry, or moist?
    -The "best" time of day to feed your Westie (Page 147)
    -The one thing that could keep your Westie's beard clean.
    -When and how frequent to bath your West Highland Terrier? (Page 111)
    and much, much more!
  • Price: $29.97 - Get Ebook Now
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