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How To Make Window Valances
 Name of book:How To Make Window Valances
 Author:Jennifer Thoden
 Blurb:Learn how to make professionally designed window valances with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Window Valances, Window Treatments
  • The 198 page e-book that shows you *exactly* how to make 18+ amazing window treatments. Again, you'll learn step-by-step, with easy-to-understand illustrations, how to create the window valances you want.
  • Which Of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use To Make Window Treatments For Your Windows?
    -Simple step-by-step instructions to making custom, professional window treatments -- showing exactly what you need to do to make the window valances you want. Learn all the tactics, or experience countless frustrations!
    -Learn the REAL secrets behind making exciting window treatments that may cost over $1000 to be made. These are much easier than they look.
    -Over 18 exciting ways to dress your window. Learn step-by-step exactly how to make each and every one of these.
    -How to install and mount your window valance. Follow step-by-step illustrations.
    -Over 100 clear, easy to understand illustrations. No other resource provides you so much detail and explanation for each step of the process. No longer will you wonder what the author "meant". You will know.
    -Full-color photographs of each window treatment. Use these photos as inspiration to your creations.
    -18+ Exciting projects that include a materials list, what measurements you need, easy-to-understand diagrams and illustrations, photographs of the window treatment and simple step-by-step, spell-it-out-for you instructions.
    -A step-by-step system to making custom, professional window treatments -- exactly what you need to do to make the window valances you want. -Learn all the tactics, or experience countless frustrations!
    -How to quickly and easily prepare your fabric so that sewing is a breeze. You'll access answers to all of your sewing questions to create professional quality window valances.
    -You get simple step-by-step instructions to make 17 window valances.
  • Take You By The Hand Through The Entire Window Valance Making Process
    (Step-by-step... I "show" you exactly what to do!)
    -Step-by-step I'll show you exactly how to make your window valance, get it ready for hanging and quickly put it on your window to enjoy, show-off and create privacy
    -Step-by-step you'll select and make the window valance that fits your decorating personality! I've never found anything better! I'll illustrate everything for you.
    -I'll show you *exactly* how to create a tie back that is unique to your style.
    -I'll show you *exactly* how to sew shade rings to your valance.
    -I'll show you *exactly* how to layer mulitple window treatments that create drama and sophistication.
    -I'll tell you all the supplies you will need for each project.
    -I'll show you *exactly* how to mount or hang your window treatment.
    and so much more!
  • 4 things make what I offer fresh and new over ANYTHING you'll find anywhere else on this subject:
    -Step-by-step Instructions: I'll show you, step-by-step with specific detailed illustrations, *exactly* how to make the window valances you want.
    -Detailed lists: Each project has a detailed list of all the tools and supplies you will need to successfully create your window treatment.
    -Money-Saving: With such easy to follow instructions, you will avoid expensive mistakes and endless frustration. Plus you won't have to hire an expensive professional to have your window treatments custom made. You can do it yourself!
    -Time-Saving: Just copy me! I've successfully made window valances in many different windows with many different designs and I will show you exactly how to do it. I'm not some sort of sewing genious or somebody who's just made one curtain.
  • Price: $19.00 - Get Ebook Now
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