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Restaurant Promo
 Name of book:Creative Restaurant Marketing Strategies
 Author:Paul Williams
 Blurb:Restaurant Marketing Strategies.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Restaurant Marketing, Marketing
  • Your Complete Package. Increase Cash Flow & Profits Through a Continual Stream of New Customers and Repeat Business!
    "Creative Restaurant Marketing Strategies" (CRMS) has very clearly outlined and detailed strategies and is not a compilation of overused "one-liner tips."
    The purpose of CRMS is not to address hospitality issues such as restaurant management, color Coordination, pricing, design and layout, trends, gift certificates, choice of food etc. There's already a wealth of information available on these subjects. CRMS is purely about showing you marketing strategies that work by increasing cash flow and filling empty seats- simple as that!
  • The strategies in CRMS are ready to use straight away. You won't be scratching your head wondering how to apply them.
    For example: Birthdays present an incredible opportunity for you to apply strategic marketing to your current customers. But this strategy can't be implemented without first placing your customers details and birth dates on a database, to plan ahead and market to them on this special occasion.
    In CRMS I've written the wording of forms for you to use to get these details from customers, and also the forms to use in the marketing process once their birth date is identified. Plus the strategies on how and when to do this tactfully. CRMS does the hard work for you. You just need to apply the information with your restaurants details. This applies for all the other strategies as well. CRMS is a ready to go system!
  • In CRMS the copywriting, pre-written promotions content, details of the marketing strategies and the time taken to produce them, would literally cost you thousands of dollars to have produced by a copywriter and marketing consultant. But CRMS is yours for only $25 and is available for immediate use by downloading in convenient e-book format (.exe).

    The strategies in CRMS are all cost effective as I'll also show you how to use email (no spam), as a powerful marketing tool. Purchase and apply CRMS and Enjoy the thrill of seeing your restaurant reach it's full potential or go even further than the great heights you've already reached. There's nothing like a restaurant with repeat business, booked out tables and new faces.
  • Price: $25.00 - Get Ebook Now
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