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 Name of book:Pro-Surf-Secrets
 Author:Mike Low
 Blurb:Electronic surfing book revealing the tips and stratagies that separate Pro Surfers from the rest of the surf crew.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Surfing Book, Pro Surf Secrets
  • The system is simple. It doesn't require youto have great computer skills to drive it. It is on the cutting edge of surf development and its tips and techniques are used by the world's elite surfers proving Pro Surf Secrets works.

    Once you have downloaded Pro Surf Secrets Simply click on a headline that interests you. Instantly served, will be the latest tips and strategies available for you to check out.
    Finally get out in the water and reap your rewards.

    In the past surf coaches would have short sessions with their pupils and try to teach the same techniques that the Pros use to generate.....SPEED, POWER AND CONTROL.
  • Pro Surf Secrets is over 150 pages of surf strategy, techniques and motivation:

    Step 1 Open Pro Surf Secrets.

    Step 2 Click on a headline you want to perfect.

    Step 3 Get into the water and start ripping.

    Pro Surf Secrets solutions take care of Steps 1 and 2. The only thing left to do is to get out on the water and into the surf mag cover shots.
  • Here's what Pro Surf Secrets includes.

    - Ways to create 65% more speed than the average surfer.
    (Give you enough speed and you'll pull an air to the moon!)

    - We show you a way of looking at a wave and revealing three
    ways you can tap into its power.

    - We show you how to position your board on the wave face
    to squeeze every last ounce of speed.

    - Helpful tips to get your re-entries vertical and extreme.
    Just check out the photo shots and follow the examples.

    - Instant point and click access to the secrets that set your surfing on fire.
    No need to finger through pages and pages trying to find that valuable tip.
    Simply click on the area you want to work on and instantly
    you're there.

    - Pro Surf Secrets is yours to keep forever. It sits on your computer.
    Not a server where you have to pay a yearly subscription to keep
    checking it out. It's yours to keep using over and over again whenever you feel like it.
  • Price: $27.00 - Get Ebook Now
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