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Golf Options
 Name of book:Golf Options
 Author:David Nevogt
 Blurb:New Golf System that Explains How Setup and Swing Factors Affect Ball Flight and Solutions to Common Golf Problems.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Golf, Golf Swing
  • At Last! The Secrets That Will Immediately Allow You to Hit a Golf Ball Farther and Straighter Than Ever Before Are Revealed!
    New eBook Contains the Advice and Information You Need to:
    - Dramatically Lower Your Golf Score
    - Correct Your Slice
    - Become Absolutely Confident in Your Swing
    . Start Beating Your Friends Like a Drum on the Golf Course!
  • Just look at some of what you will learn on the pages of this valuable ebook:
    - How to hit the longest drives in your group
    - How to develop pinpoint accuracy and the ability to work the ball either way at will, trust me, your friends will soon be asking you for golf advice!
    - How to develop a golf swing that will have others stopping what they are doing just to watch you swing!
    - How to recognize undesirable traits in your swing and how to make the specific adjustments you need to make to fix the problem this information will help you take your game to the next level from that of an inconsistent golfer who may play good one time and bad the next to that of a consistently good golfer.
    - How to correct common golf shot errors such as slicing, hooking, topping and hitting behind the golf ball
    And much, much more!
  • This eBook Will Improve Your Swing, and Your Golf Game, So Much That It Will Seem Almost Unfair!
    Finally, the tips, tricks and techniques you need to know to consistently hit straight and accurate golf shots are all available in one convenient, inexpensive ebook.
    Read this ebook and you will learn to swing with the grace, power and precision of the pros! You'll also save money by eliminating your need for a golf instructor and by not having to replace all those lost golf balls anymore!
  • Price: $47.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Golf Options
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