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 Name of book:Ninja Secrets Revealed
 Author:John Lee
 Blurb:Who Wants To Discover Ancient Secrets Of The Mysterious Ninja Clans Of Feudal Japan. And How To Become A Ninja Today?
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Ninja Clans, Ninja Secrets
  • The Ultimate KICK-ASS Book Of Ninja Secrets?- This Is Like The ??Bible' Of How To Think?- Fight?- And Act Like A Real Ninja!
  • There is an amazing new ebook called, "Ninja Secrets Revealed." It covers heaps of cool
    stuff about Ninja's and just about everything you need to know about getting started to become a modern day Ninja... as soon as TOMORROW!

    Have you ever wondered how a Ninja can do such amazing things as: scale high walls... vanish into thin air... throw a ninja star... breath under water... and pull off seemingly impossible and super-human' acts?
  • Well, now you can find out all these amazing secrets and more!

    So you could discover how to tap into the unlimited resources of your mind to truly learn
    the secret and ancient ways of the Ninja... and to become the Ninja you've always dreamed of... a black clad supreme warrior that strikes fear into the hearts of your rivals ... this amazing book is the first step in you making that picture come true!

    It provides a simple, step by step approach to becoming a Real Live Ninja in the modern
    world?-A resurgence and popular trend that many are following to learn the ancient and secret ways and techniques of the Ninja to help guide them through every day life?-

    And of course if you're not really interested in actually becoming a Ninja in real life, but you're like most other people who are totally intrigued and mystified by these exciting, mystical and superior warriors... then this book will give you all the information you've always wanted to know about the mysterious Ninja... it will answer all your most pressing questions... and it will uncover the truth behind the myths that you've always wondered about...
  • Here's a sneak peek at just some of the things you'll discover in "Ninja Secrets Revealed":

    - How to know if you have what it takes to be a Ninja
    - Discover the basic elements every Ninja needs to survive and become a true Ninja Master

    - How to master the art of STEALTH

    - Discover the biggest secret weapon of all used by Ninja's and how you can use it in your every day life
    - Discover the truth that dispels the myths & lets youin on the REAL SECRETS of the mystifying Ninja Warriors

    - Why even a beginner can learn the ways of the Ninja (that's right, you don't need to be Bruce Lee to become "Ninja Master")

    - Discover how Ninja's used stealth and secrecy to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies - and WIN!

    - And much more..
  • Price: $27.77 - Get Ebook Now
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