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Insider Tennis Strategies And Tactics
 Name of book:Insider Tennis Strategies And Tactics
 Author:Glenn Sheiner
 Author bio:Dr. Glenn Sheiner has been involved with tennis for over 32 years.
 Blurb:Improve your tennis game with insider strategies of the top players
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Tennis, Tennis Strategies
  • This 99 page book has got in-depth explanations of the theory of strategic patterns, the theory of sequential planning, the differences between pro tennis and club tennis, and 125 very specific tennis tactics you can use immediately to start winning matches. Imagine having a chance to win even on those days when your strokes are off by outsmarting your opponent. In this detailed Ebook you'll learn powerful secret tennis strategies to outfox your opponent.
  • You'll learn:
    - Why it's vital that you have at least 3 game plans when you walk on the tennis court and how to create these plans. If you don't have a plan A, B, and C when you walk on the court then you're basically flying blind.
    - How to understand strategic tennis matchups. This might be the most powerful tennis concept you'll ever hear about.
    - Why watching professional tennis might be the worst thing for your game unless you know exactly what to look for and what to ignore. The pros play a different game from the average player. Trying to copy them may make you worse not better.
    Why you rarely see tennis pros chip and charge on the second serve anymore and how this can be a devastating strategy at the club level. This is one of my favorite strategies. Learn how to completely intimidate your opponents on their serve.
  • - How to decide what serve to hit by analyzing your opponent's position. Most people don't understand the hidden game going on between server and returner. Once you learn the secrets, you'll know what serves to hit and when to hit them.
    - Why smart players realize the serve is just the first shot in a 2 shot sequence. You'll learn some devastating patterns that the top pros use to almost guarantee that you win the point if you execute well.
    How to hit many different serves with minimal change in technique. You'll learn how to hit different serves, and even better, you'll learn how to detect if your opponent is reacting to what you are doing
  • - Why watching top baseball pitchers may improve your service game. There's a reason the top pitchers have 3 or 4 pitches. I'll explain why they do it and how this applies to your serve.
    - Why if you make this common tactical error on your serve you should be shot. Seriously, this one mistake can spell the difference between easy victory and crushing defeat.
    - The all time classic serve and volley pattern. Master this and watch your trophy case fill up.
  • - Learn this killer technique to know when your opponents are going to hit a weak shot -even before they begin to swing at the ball. I'll teach you how to seize on these weak shots to easily win a ton more points.
    - Why the goal of strategic tennis is to get into optimal court position and move your opponent into a bad position. Discover the powerful secret that sent Andre Agassi to number 1 in the world.
    - Learn when to break another 'rule' and hit short rather than deep. Once you integrate this, you'll become a master at moving people around all over the tennis court.
  • Price: $17.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Insider Tennis Strategies And Tactics
Insider Tennis Strategies And Tactics
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