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New: One Hour Html
 Name of book:One Hour HTML
 Author:Not Available
 Blurb:Learn the language of the web in just 60 minutes.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Html, Web Design, Programming Language
  • The unique One Hour HTML course was born. The main principles of HTML have been compressed down into the key ideas you need to know to get started. You'll be taken, step by step, through the 22 very short chapters. There is no padding, no anecdotes about back in 1996, when I was first starting - just what you need to know to build your own HTML pages fast. Just some of what you'll learn:
    -What HTML is, and how it works
    -What programs you need to create HTML documents, and why you probably already have them!
    -How to structure HTML documents
    -How to modify text, to change fonts and sizes and to make text bold, italics and underlined
    -How colors work on the web, and how to use them
    -How to add and resize images
    -How to add bulleted and numbered lists
    -How to link to other pages on the web with hyperlinks
    -The critical importance of tables, and how they are constructed
    -How to save HTML documents correctly
    But what really makes One Hour HTML unique is the inbuilt HTML SketchPad.
  • In addition, the resources section has:
    -A reference guide of the most important HTML tags and attributes that you need to know.
    -A chart of the 216 "web-safe" colors and their hexadecimal equivalents.
    -A standalone version of the HTML SketchPad, allowing you to save your documents.
    -Where you can get free HTML Editors, graphic packages and web browsers to download.
    -Where you can get free web space so that you can put your HTML files online, and have your very own website.
    One Hour HTML quickly builds a strong foundation in the language. Once you know how things are constructed, you can then build on these depending upon your individual projects. The whole course is contained within a single program - with very simple-to- use navigation, so you can get started straight away.
  • One Hour HTML is different in that it offers you hands-on experience of coding in HTML. You are not just learning theory - you are actually using what you learn as you go. Within minutes of opening the course for the first time, you will already be typing out your own HTML.
  • Price: $27.75 - Get Ebook Now
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New: One Hour Html
New: One Hour Html
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