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Take Charge Gambling For Winners
 Name of book:Take Charge Gambling For Winners
 Author:Richard Stooker
 Author bio:Richard Stooker is President of Info Ring Press and author of \"Take Charge Gambling for Winners\".
 Blurb:Your Hard Headed Guide to Gambling for Money.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Gambling, Casino
  • The results of what I learned are in my book Take Charge Gambling for Winners.
    Will Take Charge Gambling for Winners make you an instant winner?
    Of course not - it's not a magic wand. You must read it and apply it.
    Also, it is not specialized. It won't explain the details of how to win at the games. If it did, it'd be 5 times as long and cost 20 times as much.
  • You can find the details on craps, blackjack etc in many other books. You must learn specific techniques from the greatest experts. I point you to the best at every worthwhile gambling game. You'll save more than the cost of my book just by NOT wasting money on the many worthless or even dangerous gambling books that unfortunately are in every bookstore.
  • In Take Charge Gambling for Winners you get:
    - The best Take Charge gambling now available in the world
    - The best online gambling game
    - How to make sure you're not cheated while playing online poker
    - How to profit from collecting web casino bonuses
    - I expose the basis of many systems scams. That can save you a lot of money, because some worthless gambling systems sell on the Internet for $495 to $2000
    - The most important question to ask -- and answer! -- before you start gambling. If you don't know why you're gambling, you're gambling for a stupid, self-destructive reason and should stop this side of bankruptcy
    - The 3 good reasons to gamble. If you're not gambling for one of them, you're gambling for the wrong reason. STOP!
    - Permission to gamble for fun, thrills and excitement, and how to do so intelligently so you can stay inside your entertainment budget
    - How to increase the money or fun you get from gambling
    - Understand the difference between short term and long term playing -- which one you must play for. (Depends on why you're gambling.) Play for the wrong time period, and you're a sheep
    - The tool for measuring luck. This teaches you to understand the difference between your short term and long term results. This is essential if you hope to gamble for profit
    - The best way to play a negative expectation game for money
    - The only way to escape the long run -- some of you should take it
    - How your long run is different from the casino's long run. This helps to explain why most gamblers lose and the casinos win
    - And much more?-
  • Price: $47.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Take Charge Gambling For Winners
Take Charge Gambling For Winners
Price: $47.00