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How To Shake The Online Poker MoneyTree
 Name of book:How To Shake The Online Poker MoneyTree
 Author:Andrew K.
 Author bio:Andrew Kasch has authored several of the best ebooks ever written on beating online probability games.
 Blurb:How to Shake the Online Poker Money Tree was written by a real professional online poker player who knows all the tricks of the trade.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Poker Money, Poker Secrets
  • How to Shake the Online Poker MoneyTree is a complete instruction manual that is 100% Guaranteed to show you:
    - Why is the most lucrative place for a skilled poker player
    - How to become a consistently winning player
    - Which games to play, and why
    - Complete playing-strategy instructions for the most profitable games
    - The proper tournament strategy adjustments that 95% of players aren't aware of
    - How to create a sensible, profitable online poker business plan - and follow it!
    - A sure-fire method of improving your results even if you are already winning
    - How to get the most mileage from tools such as the Buddy List, Notepads, etc.
    - Easy-to-reference solid starting hand guidelines
    - How to outplay and outclass your opponents by miles
    - The math that guarantees steady profits month-in and month-out
    - How to excel in tournaments and/or cash games and become a feared player
    - When to play in multiple games at once and how to manage them
    - A way to maximize your chances of ending up on TV playing world champions
    - How to make a living playing cards on your computer
    ...and much more! This manual is content-rich and covers every aspect of what it takes to beat today's online poker games for a consistent, dependable income.
  • Price: $39.00 - Get Ebook Now
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How To Shake The Online Poker MoneyTree
How To Shake The Online Poker MoneyTree
Price: $39.00