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Beat My Speeding Ticket
 Name of book:Case Dismissed : How To Beat Your Speeding Ticket
 Author:Jeff Mulligan
 Blurb:Proven Legal Strategies to Fight and Beat Speeding Tickets.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Speeding Ticket, Beat Your Speeding Ticket
  • "Case Dismissed" was edited by Attorney James F. Sadler. "Case Dismissed" is all about the legal ways to destroy the foundation of the evidence. Legal precedent is the essence of Case Dismissed. This is a matter for experts. You've got a lot of money in fines and insurance on the line, so you need reliable advice. Case Dismissed provides legal information, but not legal advice, which can only be provided by an attorney.
  • Here is the key to Beating your Speeding Ticket:
    -You are going to trial. You are going to fight the revenue system that speeding tickets have become. What matters is the evidence. If the evidence against you holds up, you lose. But if you can prove that the evidence is without foundation - then you win. And this is exactly how Case Dismissed will help you triumph.
    -I'll give you the documents, precedent-setting case law, and exact line of questioning to destroy the foundation of the prosecution's evidence against you. The judge, though it may pain him greatly, will have to state those words so sweet to your ears, "Case Dismissed".
  • Case Dismissed is a proven method that has helped thousands of people beat speeding tickets.
  • Here's what Case Dismissed will do:
    -Provide a proper, workable, layered defense that is trial tested and court proven.
    -Give you the background on how it works and how to work it.
    -Give you a feel of how the trial will proceed and detail what questions to ask.
    -Give you the winning strategy that you will otherwise not have. Case Dismissed has detailed legal information and case law that has been painstakingly researched and compiled.
    -Give you precedent-setting case law to use in your trial. (You'll get the files. We'll tell you which documents you need to print out and make 3 copies of: one for you, one for the judge and one for the prosecution.) These are documents you must have if you are to prevail. They help destroy the foundation of the evidence. There are different documents based on whether you were caught by laser, radar or trooper car pacing you. And we'll show you how research the very latest decisions.
  • Here's what you get:
    -The 55 page "Case Dismissed" ebook manual.
    -Case law from 43 relevant speeding/radar/laser cases, in their entirety - you don't need to know all this, but many of our customers find it interesting reading to understand exactly how Case Dismissed works.
    -Special precedent case law to print out and bring to trial - we tell you which cases to bring depending on what kind of ticket you have.
    -Special report on how to handle a trial with no prosecutor (magistrate)
    -The best possible chance you can have for beating that speeding ticket.
  • Price: $29.97 - Get Ebook Now
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