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 Name of book:Resume and Cover Letters
 Author:Ronan Kennedy
 Author bio:Ronan is Head writer and President,; National Career and Resume Expert.
 Blurb:Resume and Cover Letter Samples Package.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • It is this rare combination of job seeking and career insider knowledge that allows me to write resumes for you to use that will truly make you stand out from the crowd, thus giving you a really competitive edge in today's difficult job market. I Have Made The Entire Process A Breeze For You By:
    -Taking the work away from resume and cover letter writing. No stress, no headaches any more.
    -Spending the hours and hours it takes to write powerful resumes and cover letters that been proven to get interviews and results.
    -Adding special buzzwords specific to each industry.
    -Providing you with a way of creating a powerful marketing document at a fraction of the cost of a professional service.
    -Ensuring you do not need to learn any complicated resume software.
    -Placing everything you will need on one page more on that in a moment $422 worth of free job search books and tools.
    -Finding a way to make creating a great resume that is easy and hassle free.
    -Giving you a resource that can let you create that resume in minutes instead of weeks.
    -Making the whole experience enjoyable and educational.
    -Giving you a package that is reusable and relevant for years to come.
  • The Magic FORMULA for POWERFUL resumes and cover letters to consistently land more job interviews! A Powerful Resume Must:
    -Be formatted specifically for your career and industry.
    -Use compelling copy and buzzwords to make you stand out from the crowd.
    -Market your skills and experiences.
    -Articulate your qualifications in the most effective way.
    -Be the best possible reflection of you.
  • A Powerful Cover Letter Must:
    -Be clear in its objective and what the benefits to the reader are going to be.
    -Be very frank and use this opportunity to meet and state your case.
    -Be very aware of the person who will read your cover letter
    -Must capture the readers attention to ensure that it and your resume get read
    -Must not use long sentences or paragraphs that are distracting or demonstrate poor use of language.
    -End on a positive note requesting a meeting with the reader
    If you have a resume and cover letter like this you will blow the competition away. And you have the chance today to download hundreds of resumes and cover letters just like this. You can copy and paste the wording and formats to create your own resume that will ensure you have the best possible advantage for your job search.
  • The Unique Benefits To This Superior Package:
    -Every industry and career to choose from - graduate, management, service, desk job, technical resumes.
    -Use whatever professional format you choose.
    -Choose the best parts from any resume or letter to suit your situation.
    -Samples to cover all levels of careers.
    -Create as many different resumes or letters as you like geared for different careers.
    -In Microsoft Word which it makes really easy to work with. Also in Adobe .pdf
    -With the cover letters and resumes you will also receive many thank you letters, follow up letters, rejection letters and unsolicited letters
    -Be finished in an hour or even minutes.
    -Create a powerful document that sings hire me to your potential employer.
    -Job Search Bonuses of $422 value more in just one moment.
    -Save 90% by using this package and not going to a resume writer.
  • Price: $29.95 - Get Ebook Now
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