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Win At Trading
 Name of book:Trade Master
 Author:Dr. Jeffrey Wilde
 Blurb:Learn A Trading System That Helped A UK Trader Turn $2,000 Into $9,700 in Only 35 Days And Then Explode His Account To A Jaw-Dropping $218,000?
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Day Trading, Stock Trading
  • This is a 66 page "All Meat and No Filler" e-book in PDF format that provides clear and concise step by step instructions on how to quickly identify potentially profitable trade setups.
    -60 Video Tutorials: With over 5 hours and 12 minutes of user-friendly videos that will take you by the hand and explain each concept in your manual in exact detail. You can watch them right on your computer(PC or Mac) and replay, pause and view any portion you wish over and over again in the comfort of your own home or office! NOTE: These videos are streamed over the internet and not downloaded to your hard-drive because of their huge size.
    -35 Audio Tutorials: Imagine if you were able to have a "Trading Mentor" with 14 years of market experience by your side and be able to learn their most guarded secrets? With over 100 minutes of personal and candid audio mentoring you will learn what it truly takes to be a profitable trader and how to avoid potentially devastating trading mistakes.
  • Take a Closer Look At What You Will Learn In Just a Few Of The 60 Video Tutorials:
    -An Ingenious Strategy That Will Increase Your Ability To Spot Potential Winning Trades by 100%! (Video 3)
    -How to Quickly Cut Down Your Risk After Entry. This one tip alone may save you hundreds, even thousands. (Video 9)
    -How to Spot Potential Explosive Market Reversals Way Before The Rest of The Crowd! In trading timing is everything, so get the inside scoop and order now! (Video 16)
    -The Secret to Knowing Exactly When and Where to Take Your Profits. (I had to pay $10,000 to learn this!) (Video 19)
    -How To Trade Gap Openings - Trading gaps can be potentially very profitable or wallet crushing if you don't know how to position yourself properly. Learn how you can trade gap openings without potentially getting crushed. (Video 22 & 23)
    -Find Out How I Analyze Real Stock Setups In the Real World. You will only learn these invaluable insights from someone who has been in this game along time! (Video 29)
    -Learn How I Made 4 Consecutive Winning Calls In The Dax Futures Market In 90 Minutes. (Video 35 & 36)
    -Learn How To Analyze The Markets Like a Pro From a Pro. Lets face it, it is very hard to learn how to trade the markets from a dry and dull text book. Whats more unless you truly know how the author uses the method in the real world then you will find it extremely hard to implement and profit from. Sit over my shoulder as I give you the blow by blow details of futues trading. (Video 40)
    -That is just a sampling of all the videos that are included... There are 37 more!
  • Take a Closer Look At What You Will Learn In Just Some Of The 35 Audio Tutorials:
    -Discover The Exact Strategies That Top Traders Use and How This Keeps Them In a Very Elite and Profitable Club Year After Year
    -Novice Traders Get On The Fast Track Now With Dr. Jeff's Unique Market Wisdom. These Invaluable Tips May Save You Years Of Costly Mistakes
    -You Will Invaluable Tips Even if You have a lot of expereince. Some veteran traders with 25 - 35 years experience have told me that I was the first one to really explain how the markets work!
    -The Best Trading Advice I have Ever Heard And Why It Is Something You Must Hear As Well!
    -The 3 Key Questions You Must Ask Before You Enter Any Trade. If You Don't You May be Jeopardizing All Your Financial Dreams and Your Families Future
    -How To Avoid The "Trading Merry-Go-Round". This Will Literally Save You Thousands Of Dollars!
    -How To Ensure That You Stack The Odds In Your Favor To Make Money Trading
    -Goal Setting & Discipline-The Keys That Can Unlock Your Success!
    -How To Spot Setups That Have The Pent Up Energy of a Run Away Freight Train. These are the ones that have the potential to make massive moves in a short time.
    -How I Tried To Screw Up The Perfect Trading System And Why This Can Make Or Break Your Career As A Trader. Don't place another trade until you hear this life-changing message.
    -How To Quickly Know What Is The Best Market To Trade. Simply Applying This One Technique Can Make All The Difference In The World.
  • Just to recap:
    -You have tremendous flexability with this program as you can use for day-trading, swing-trading and position-trading.
    -You can use it to trade your favorite markets like stocks , futures, forex, options, bonds - Even penny stocks!
    -You can use in any time frame - weekly, daily, 5 minute etc. This gives you practically limitless options unlike many other programs.
    -I will reveal to you 4 specific strategies that can help you know whether to trade with the trend or against it. This is one of the biggest mysteries to traders and this will be explained to you in complete detail so you will have the greatest potential for being on the right side of the trade.
    -Learn hands-down arguably the best technique for extracting potential profits on each and every trade. Eight years ago I literally had to pay $10,000 for this very same technique that you can begin learning today!
    -Discover specific entry strategies that will allow you to use small stop losses that can be adjusted for your risk and comfort levels.
    -Once you master these techniques you can trade whatever market conditions are thrown your way, whether we are in an insane bull market like in the late 90's or a IRA sinking bear market or a trading range market that leaves most traders scratching their heads. The market conditions will truly not matter to you any longer as you will be well much better prepared.
    -Learn to how you can quickly spot potential market reversals, double-tops and double-bottoms with near pinpoint accuracy! "Ok, I have heard enough-I want to order now!"
    -You can use the strategies to help identify short term scalping trades of 1-3 points.
    -Improve your market timing drastically so that you that you can position yourself for some of the major market moves over the next year.
  • Price: $147.00 - Get Ebook Now
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