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The Stampede Secret
 Name of book:The Stampede Secret
 Author:Joe Vitale and Laura Childs
 Author bio:I'm (Joe Vitale) considered an Internet pioneer. I've written dozens of books on Internet marketing. I own dozens of successful sites. Heck, I even teach net marketing.
 Blurb:How to Get More Hungry Traffic than You Can Imagine Using Blogs and RSS Feeds.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Web Traffic, Internet Marketing
  • The Stampede Secret: How to get more targeted, smart, affluent, hungry traffic than you can imagine using BLOGS and RSS FEEDS. Because that's what you'll get. And we've put all the secrets of how Laura tripled my subscribers in less than 24 hours, and how Laura doubled her hits, doubled her subscribers, doubled her income on a website that had been a sleeper for the past 5 years. You can do this too! It's easy!
  • Here's a sneak peak of the insider secrets that creates a stampede of more targeted, smart, affluent, hungry traffic than you can imagine:
    -Announce your RSS Feed to these 40+ directories on the Internet, stand back and watch your response and your sales explode like you've never seen before!
    -How to generate thousands of prospects to your RSS Feed and converting them into customers by using a simple but very powerful link strategy.
    -The Blog phenomena: You might do it already but are you pulling in any money?
    -Types of blogs. Which one should you choose? We'll give you the answer.
    -Where to put your Blog so it increases page rank in the top search engine (and makes more money for you.)
    -How to easily and quickly get a Blog rolling on your site.
    -How to update a Blog using existing copy already on your site.
    -The 2 deadliest Blog mistakes. They're causing prospects to click away in droves.
    -How to write an RSS Feed that breaks the bank.
    -Why some site owners are shocked at the top rankings of their blogs (and how to make yours go way up there too!)
    -Search engines love these 4 things (and those 4 things are in your Blog if you do it right).
    -How RSS Feeds give you new subscribers and gets existing prospects and customers to buy from you.
    -See other Blogs that are the widest read, longest running and have the highest subscription rates on the Net. Use them for inspiration and FREE tips, tricks and secrets for making your Blog even better.
    -Put a Blog on your site, stand back and watch your search engine ratings soar!
    -The code-free way to create and update an RSS Feed, plus 3 other, easy ways...
    -If you can cut and paste you can start your own RSS Feed within 1 hour and start making money the same day.
    -How to put your ad, message or news directly into the surfer's web browser.
    -How your message automatically downloads into your prospects browser or RSS Reader (this is priceless! Imagine every time your prospects log on YOU will be there with your message waiting for them).
  • Here's even more secrets you'll learn from The Stampede Secret. For example:
    -Get this: your prospects get a ping from their computer speakers every time you post your news. This means you get instant response if they are interested in what you have to offer.
    -How prospects find your RSS Feed (they are looking for your products and services money in hand, make sure you're there to welcome them!)
    -15 other ways your prospects can read your RSS News.
    -Reading RSS News Feeds is as easy as reading search engine results.
    -How to get your prospects to subscribe to and add your news feed to their feedlist.
    -The three ways surfers find your news.
    -The person who reads RSS Feeds are willing to BUY NOW and are not looking for freebies.
    -The six easy steps to creating an RSS Feed for your web site (it's easy, a kid could do it).
    -The 3 easy steps that gets people to read your news and act on them.
    -Six examples of good news feeds you can swipe ideas from and use in your own feed.
    -The most important part of your news feed and how to make sure you get it right.
    -The 2-step secret that makes your news feed impossible to ignore.
    -The one thing in your news feed that must be riveting and how to make sure it is (you get four examples you can swipe ideas from and use in your own feed).
    -Why you must never tell the whole story in your RSS Feed.
    -Outrageous: The secret of the virtual girlfriend that demands gifts (use this strategy in your own feed and you'll create a ton of traffic to your website).
    -2 secrets on how to write RSS News people will read.
    -Hate writing? That's ok. Just use this software that practically writes the RSS Feeds for you. And a new, proven technique to generate Blog content.
    -How to sell your own products and services through your own RSS.
    -One very clever and hypnotic way of beginning a sentence that almost forces people to click on your link.
    -What your RSS story should do and what it should not do. Very important.
    -How to use the question that everybody wants to know the answer to.
    -Why you must think like a news reporter but with a marketer hat on.
    -Remember this word: tease. It is the most important concept in your RSS Feed.
    -The only time you should update your news feed.
    -The 3 steps to get on top of feed directory search results (much, much easier than getting high on ordinary search engines but you will get higher on them too!).
    -This web site has the number 1 spot for the search term internet marketing. How do you think they made it there? Hint: Blog plus news feeds linking to their Blog. You can do this too!
    -3 tricks on how to get other blogs to link to your blog (this means massive traffic!).
    -How to announce your RSS Feed to the world!
    -Do this simple thing and you'll automatically know what's going on in the world of Blogs and RSS Feeds.
    That was just a sneak peak. The Stampede Secret covers a lot more.
  • Price: $97.00 - Get Ebook Now
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