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The Way To Trade
 Name of book:The Way To Trade
 Author:John Piper
 Author bio:John Piper is one of the world's most respected and able market analaysts. He's a full time successful trader and also manages money for a select band of lucky clients.
 Blurb:A breakthrough approach to trading in any market. With just a glimpse of the awesome power of The Trading Pyramid you'll understand exactly why it will make such a difference to your trading.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Day Trading, Stock Trading
  • The Way To Trade by John Piper is simply dynamite. No matter if you're:
    -Trading indices, stocks, e-minis, commodities, options or forex
    -A beginner or fully experienced trader
    -Day-trading, swing trading, position trading, trend trading
    - Whether the market is up or down...
    The Way To Trade will revolutionize your trading. As you study every word of this book, you'll be astonished you survived without it.
  • Here's just a sample of what it could mean to you:
    -No crazy dash through rush-hour traffic to punch the clock in time to save your job, just so you can do it all again tomorrow
    -No pain-in-the-butt boss screaming orders at you all day long and hassling you with impossible deadlines
    -Get up when you wish, go out where you want. Meet up with friends or spend time with the family. Heck you could just sit around and do nothing!
    And that's just the start.
  • Here's just some of the diamonds hidden away for you inside The Way To Trade:
    -The three little-known stages you must pass through as a trader before you can even begin to make money. You'll discover where you are now and where to head next for maximum profits. Page 12.
    -The four greatest secrets known to successful traders. Top traders are unable or unwilling to share these secrets - because they have an advantage over you. Their advantage is now revealed in full for you to see from page 60.
    -10 simple trading steps that you can start today to send your profits soaring into the stratosphere. You'll be amazed at how easily one of these steps is overlooked - the most important one. Page 199.
    -"STOPS! Are they really necessary?" Could your profits rocket without them? Finally an end to the fiercest ever debate in trading history. WARNING: be prepared for an earth-rocking answer. Page 105.
    -Learn critical lessons at the expense of others in these 55 steps to trading riches. Don't even think of taking another trade until you discover how to avoid step 21, or you may not survive to regret it. Page 15.
    -EXPOSED: the truth about market myths peddled by the "experts" and designed to mislead and misinform you. For big-time profits you will learn to side-step the loss-making reaction they want you to have. Find out how and why on page 195.
    -Unleash your potential with nine tips to gain an unfair advantage over other traders. You must agree to keep these to yourself and use them sparingly and honorably to give others a fighting chance to profit. Page 124.
    -Learn the two most important factors to consider before you open your very next trade and why ignoring either one of these could close you down completely...absolutely priceless. Turn to page 48.
    -Immediately discover the one deadly thing you should never (ever) do as a trader - and you will be doing it already without even being aware. As early as page 3.
  • The book also includes:
    -10 simple proven strategies to jump-start your trading and light the fuse on years of bumper profits. Your trading account is literally crying out for at least one of these. Begin on page 165.
    -How to create your very own killer trading system using easy step by step instructions. You'll have profits stampeding towards your wallet like a herd of wild animals. Starts on page 83.
    -Pull the trigger on every great trade, every time and banish hesitation forever - an easy four-step solution - and it works!! This is worth it's weight in pure gold. Page 98
    -What's the one most important thing successful traders all have in common? (Hint: it's nothing to do with their system). If you want to be one of them, you'll find out what it is on page 41.
    -How to skillfully dodge those killer wipe-outs that would leave your trading career in ruins and your loved ones in the street. This alone is worth 10 times the price of the book. Discover why on page 53.
    -Discover the 10 critical components that must be present in every successful trading system. Leave out just one of these and you may as well burn your cash in an open fire. You simply cannot find these listed anywhere else but you cannot afford to be without them. Start on page 29.
    -Empower your hidden trading genius with 155 questions to ask yourself about your trading. WARNING: Skip this section if you fear trading success and what that would mean to your life. See page 257.
    -How to uncover those dream trades with the lowest risk but huge potential rewards. They're easy to find...if you know where, when and what to look for. You'll be tracking them like a heat-seeking missile after visiting page 122.
    -How to construct your very own Trading Pyramid. It's the revolutionary key that will turn the golden lock in your trading treasure chest. You've never seen anything like it before, head straight for page 4 to begin.
    -The one simple secret that could make the single biggest difference between run-away success and total trading failure. You'll be shocked to the bone when you discover why. See page 183.
    -Oh Man! And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Price: $69.95 - Get Ebook Now
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