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Home Crafts Work-At-Home Catalog
 Name of book:Home Crafts
 Author:Not Available
 Blurb:Work-At-Home Catalog. Make Art & Crafts in the comfort of your own home. It's Fun & Very Profitable, US$5,000+ a month.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Poker, Online Poker Money
  • Home Crafts is a Catalog of American Companies that want YOU to do Outwork for them. Now you can make money by assembling products in the comfort of your own home. Work at your own pace, NO DEADLINES to make and NO SELLING or Recruiting.
  • No special skills, equipment or training required. You get EASY to follow instructions and most crafts can be mastered in minutes. There's NO BOSS watching over you, You work the hours and days you want to work, NO more time clock to punch. You can assemble a VARIETY of products for SEVERAL different companies at the same time and earn the money you want. (paid in US Dollars).
  • What Things Can I Make?
    There are many companies offering a wide variety of products for assembly, These products appeal to both men and women and include items like:
    -- baby burp pads
    -- dough art
    -- potpourri
    -- jewelry
    -- toys and gifts
    -- doll house furniture
    -- hand painting
    -- stuffed animals
    -- needle work
    -- string art
    -- electronic components
    -- wood products
    -- leather products
    -- wood puppets
    -- holiday decorations
    These and plenty more to pick from. If you are good at working with your hands, or love to sew, or love working with crafts, these jobs are for you.
  • The companies in this catalog are all well established US companies, Many being in operation for well over 10 years and have an excellent reputation in service and support. These companies have found that it's more economical for them to hire people like you, to perform their assembly and craft work. This way they avoid the high costs of huge assembly plants and the high costs of employing a large work force.
  • You will be paid by check in US dollars. You will be paid for every item you send in, usually within 3 days of the company receiving your shipment of completed products. This may vary a little from company to company depending on the companies own policy. If you send in completed products every week to one or more of the companies in this catalog then it won't be long before you recieve a nice healthy check each and every week...maybe two...three.... or even more checks a week. The more you put into your new home business the more $$$ you will make.
  • Price: $24.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Home Crafts Work-At-Home Catalog
Home Crafts Work-At-Home Catalog
Price: $24.00