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The World's #1 Lotto System
 Name of book:Honest Lotto System
 Author:Ken Silver
 Author bio:Author & Founder: "Honest Lotto System" since 1991, Regular Winner and Bathrobe Wearer.
 Blurb:Get Ken Silver's 13 yr-old lowcost winning Honest Lotto system! 1000's of winners growing daily!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Lottery, Lotto System
  • No-one really knows anything about winning in a game of random numbers. Not the math theory guys, professorial types, Lotto officials, psychics,astrologers, lotto software designers - no-one. Most lotto systems sellers use mathematical mumbo-jumbo to confuse their buyers, Can YOU understand n=a1+a2 cosine17? No, nor do I.
    My system does not use wheeling, or any other form of lottery system out there that I'm aware of. It's a completely unique method I developed almost 15 years back. I believe no-one else has got the answer to winning lotto in the way I have.
  • Take a look at these somewhat controversial facts about Lotto. I'm not pulling any punches here:
    -In my exhaustive studies over 15 years, I found many-- if not all Lotto systems-- will never be any better than chance. Most are much much lower.
    -If you figure out the real chances of winning, the odds are often up to I in 41 million for a $1 game (California Super Lotto Plus). You should start setting your $100 notes alight... this way it's more fun than putting them on Lotto.
    -Other lotto systems - like the number-numbing wheeling systems - get the winners only because they were hyped up at their inception and attracted a large number of participants. But an individual's chances in wheeling are just as slim as rolling a dice to win lotto.
    -On the other hand, using my Honest Lotto System gives you a huge advantage sooner, and by spending far less money on your tickets each game.
  • Look At The Advantages of My System That Has Made Hundreds Of Winners Happy And Rich! (Yes, The Two Go Together)...
    ...It turns your losing odds into Winning Chances many thousands of times over, almost magically!
    ...It works with all lotto and lotteries all over the world. The Honest Lotto System works with ALL games that have 5 or 6 balls and up to 69 numbers--that's most games in any country.
    ...It is different to any other system available that I know of. It's not wheeling or any of the other systems I've seen.
    ...It has given me an unbelievable 80.3% winning success rate - (now increased to 92% with my Lotto-80) over the past 10 years. (Your rate might not be as good, but it will be vastly better than chance!
    ...It takes only a half-hour to complete. Then you never have to fill out another ticket in your life - until you win the Big One, that is!
  • Price: $39.5 - Get Ebook Now
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The World's #1 Lotto System
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