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Physical Therapy Success
 Name of book:The Physical Therapy Success Manual
 Author:Not Available
 Blurb:Marketing techniques to secure more referrals, increasing profit potential for physical therapy clinics.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • The Physical Therapy Success manual is the most valuable resource for therapists who are truly looking to achieve more autonomy in their practice. Our mission is to provide valuable information to our Physical Therapy community. This information is unique and is aimed at helping the staff physical therapist, managers, and practice owners.
  • You will find comprehensive marketing information and insight in how to dramatically increase patient referrals. We have analyzed and provided proven techniques that can be used right away to secure more clients via direct physician marketing, consumer marketing, and a third very effective but under utilized technique. You will also find information than when implemented, will increase profits dramatically in a short period of time. These techniques are extremely powerful and should make a lot of intuitive sense once you have read them. You have the ability to instill a sense of ownership in your entire staff. If done, this will set your clinic apart from the competition and uniquely position you for success.
  • The 5 free Techniques below can immediately be implemented into your business and you will see profits increase dramatically.
    Technique 1: Three Marketing Strategies that are Guaranteed and Proven to increase your referral base.
    Technique 2: Instilling a Sense of Ownership in the Therapist. This may be the single biggest opportunity to increase profits and retain a high quality staff.
    Technique 3: Motivating your Front Office Staff has been shown to increase front office collections by up to 257%.
    Technique 4: You have to be Unique and Sellable.
    Technique 5: It is Essential to Track Stats.
  • The information we have compiled is truly priceless. Here is what else you will find in it:
    -Instilling the sense of ownership in all of the members of any physical therapy practice. This is guaranteed to increase job satisfaction, increase productivity and prevent costly turnover.
    -Learn the secret to attract and keep highly productive therapists. Set yourself up as the place to work in town.
    -Learn why it makes sense to have the therapy staff responsible for keeping their own schedules full.
    -Learn why educating your clients is a key factor in growing your business.
    -Good competition among the therapy staff is a win-win for the clinic. How to make this happen.
    -The surprising first thing that clients notice about you. It may not be your winning smile.
    -You got into physical therapy to help others. Now learn how to go the next step by helping yourself, by implementing business practice that will maximize your profits.
    -Partial direct access? You need to use this technique if you are to ever truly meet your full profit potential.
    -The techniques we share will help get your business better organized and can be used again when starting a new satellite office. Use proven techniques! Why waste time and money repeating the same old mistakes?
    -Techniques to get new referrals directly from the physicians in your area.
    -The single most important concept in your physical therapy business. Use this to catapult your business.
    -Bring life into your clinic, it should be a motivating place to come to work and to receive therapy services.
    -75% of your case load without the initial physician referral. This is a way that will guarantee a full schedule, if done correctly.
    -Learn how to use your patients as one of your biggest assets.
    -Why keeping track of statistics is essential! Learn how to hold staff accountable for increased productivity.
    -Honest open communication is critical to the success of any relationship or business. Learn the value of living this ideal.
    -Five techniques that will help you to map out the success of your therapy business step-by-step.
    -What are the hidden benefits of implementing the "Ownership Mentality"? This will put you over the top.
    -Learn how to tap into your therapist and use their ideas to increase profit flow.
    -Why targeting your market as a physical therapist is vital to the growth of your business.
    -Learn the one thing that all your clients are desperately seeking from you.
  • Price: $44.97 - Get Ebook Now
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