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The Lazy Man's Guide To Online Business
 Name of book:The Lazy Man's Guide To Online Business
 Author:Jim and Dallas Edwards
 Blurb:OUTRAGEOUS New ebook reveals - How to Work Less, Get Paid More. and have Tons More FUN with your online business!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Online Business,
  • Your own online business can be a "lazy man's" low cost, high-profit dream machine (making real world cash) if you understand the key principles that anyone can apply and use immediately to work less, make more money and have tons more fun in life! We'll teach you the exact tips, tricks, techniques and -- most importantly -- the correct mindset to improve and grow your own "Lazy Man's" dream business - no matter what type of online business you currently (or want to) operate!
  • This book is really only about one thing How to accomplish more online easier, faster, cheaper and better than you ever dreamed possible while skyrocketing how much fun you have with your online business. Here are just a few of the things you will learn:
    -Learn how to get paid for a one-time action over and over
    Easily identify opportunities to perform one time actions and then make money from them over and over for months, even years to come. (page 59)
    -How to literally create your own online "treasure map" that will lead you to your own personal pot of gold 100% guaranteed! (page 43)
    -Learn how automobile tycoon Henry Ford's assembly line technique can revolutionize your online business by slashing the time it takes to roll out any online project! (page 50)
    -Learn the secret to making money from other people's mistakes and problems. This one tip is responsible for creating $100,000's in sales of ebooks, info-products, tape programs and more! (page 63)
    -What an appliance mover and a short order cook can teach you about simplifying your online business to the point that virtually everything you do makes you money.
    (Page 30)
    -The Lazy Man's "15 Commandments"
    Obey these and you will enter the heaven of working less, earning more and having tons more fun! Disobey them and you are doomed to the other place where everybody works just too darn hard! (page 35)
    -Learn and use the single most important key for creating and living the Lazy Man's online dream business. Get this one and every other part of your online business almost magically falls into place. Things will come to you, help will appear seemingly from nowhere and everything in your business will work for you instead of you working for your business. (page 36)
    -What an 1849 gold prospector can teach you about operating online and no, it's not how to work 18 hours a day in the mud and freezing water picking through tons of rocks hoping to find little specks of gold (like most online marketers). This one will teach you how to go straight to the gold without taking one extra step or making one extra effort. (page 39)
    -Ever heard of multi-tasking? Well a lazy man would never be caught dead taking more than one action at a time though a lazy man also knows how to get 3 to 4 times the results out of every single action they take. Find out why "hard workers" who do several things at once actually shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to success online. (page 46)
  • The book includes:
    -Learn to automatically prevent and avoid online business disasters before they happen! A lazy man never gets caught short when operating an online business. (page 56)
    -What does James Bond know about online business?
    What even the worst "Broadway Play" can teach the best, most experienced online marketers. A Lazy Achiever always uses the techniques that helped Tom Cruise and Sean Connery deliver the best performances of their lives! (page 53)
    -How a $17 shopping cart saved over $20,000 in sales in less than 15 minutes this story alone is worth the entire price of this book! (page 55)
    -How something you're already doing (but don't know it) can eliminate 93.4% or more of wasted time answering emails (page 58)
    -How bringing a pet "bull snake" to English class in the 10th grade to terrify the teacher can virtually guarantee every product you ever promote online is a success! Never waste another minute promoting a "dead duck"! (page 61)
  • "The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business" will teach you:
    -How to develop the Lazy Achiever's mindset so you can work less, get paid more and have tons more fun!
    -How to organize your time so you actually get a life instead of an online monster that controls you...
    -The secrets of "Super Lazy Achievers"... the proven techniques and strategies they use to build incredibly profitable online businesses by actually working less...
    -The simple, yet powerful techniques to make sure every action you take makes you money -- no effort gets wasted...
    -How to get multiple results from a single effort... imagine getting paid for months and years from something you only do one time...
    -How to make money from other people's mistakes...
    -How you can eliminate 87% or more of the time you waste answering email that doesn't make you any money...
    -How to write your own personal "treasure map" for online business success...
    -Extensive Interviews with 13 of Today's Online SUPERSTARS
    and much MORE!
  • Price: $29.00 - Get Ebook Now
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The Lazy Man's Guide To Online Business
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