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Internet Marketing Exposed!
 Name of book:The Internet Marketing Master Plan
 Author:Martin Franzen
 Author bio:President
Internet Marketing EXPOSED
 Blurb:Internet Marketing Information.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Internet Marketing, Online Marketing
  • That strategy is called "The Internet Marketing Master Plan". And it's very, very valuable. You can get the Master Plan which gets straight to the point and delivers it all in just 161 pages. 44,031 words packed with practical advice and invaluable resources!
  • You see, to turn your passion into gold with your own business, you need four things, and four things only:
    -You need winning products to sell that generate a huge profit for you on every sale. And you want to be able to find or create them quickly, with minimum work.
    -You need a strategy for attracting a never ending stream of paying customers automatically. And you want to get them without spending your money upfront on expensive advertising.
    -You need a system that puts your entire sales process on automatic pilot. You want it to sell your offer in the most efficient way possible - and it must take care of 95% of the work for you, even if you're not there.
    -You need a system that turns first time buyers into loyal, lifetime customers who each bring you a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in back-end sales for years to come. And you want it to do all this automatically.
  • Here's a Small Sample of the Secrets You Will Discover:
    -The best strategy for building a profitable business as fast and easy as possible
    -How to find, research and qualify your target market easily.
    -How to take what you already know - and turn it into hot selling products instantly.
    -The best way to build a strong relationship with thousands of paying customers FAST
    -How to to find out exactly what people will gladly pay you money for. -How to take these proven ideas and turn them into hot sellers right away.
    -How to secure the rights to products that have been proven to sell, and introduce them to the market in ways that leave you with NO competition.
    -How to "spy" on your competition and ethically "steal" their secrets.
    -How to make your sales letters virtually write themselves.
    -How to get leading industry experts to create your products for you, without paying them for it.
    -A simple step-by-step system that lets you test everything automatically.
    -How to optimize your sales process and make sure that it converts the maximum number of prospects to paying customers.
  • The book includes:
    -An automatic system that lets you take orders automatically, process credit cards in real time, and deliver the product right away.
    -How to duplicate a simple viral marketing strategy that brought in $15,561.49 in less than a week!
    -Exactly how to find the perfect headline, the perfect price, the perfect offer, and the perfect ad.
    -How to come up with additional product ideas instantly.
    -How to follow up with your prospects automatically as often as necessary, and how to get it right.
    -A simple way to add tremendous value to your offers without extra work.
    -The REAL way to take advantage of viral marketing and get your sales message to spread on its own.
    -How to capture people that are not ready to buy from you the first time - and make sure that they generate money for you anyway.
    -The one thing that you can do right away to increase the size of your average order by at least 50%.
    -THE best ways to attract targeted prospects to your sales letter without wasting your time on useless techniques.
    -How to roll out in a big way with paid advertising - and know that every cent you spend will generate a profit right away.
    -Now your REAL profits start. Once you have your sales process ready, here's how to find a never ending stream of back-end products to sell to your customers and profit from automatically.
    -How to get great discounts on paid advertising.
    -Simple strategies for getting free publicity whenever you need it.
    -The best way to get set up to accept resellers and have thousands of people sell your products for you.
    -Discover how to train your affiliates automatically and make sure they produce as many sales as possible, while you sit back and watch the orders come in.
    -How to set up win-win joint venture deals with large related businesses.
    -How to become recognized as an industry expert quickly - even if nobody has heard of you today.
    -Quite simply, how to set everything up so you can automate 90% of the routine work and spend your time ONLY where it counts.
    -How to quickly duplicate the complete system and create an unlimited number of "money machines", all earning you passive income.
  • Price: $97.00 - Get Ebook Now
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