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Google Secrets - How To Get A Top Rank
 Name of book:Google Secrets - How To Get A Top Rank
 Author:Dan Sisson
 Blurb:Learn the rules that Google plays by.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Google Ranking, Website Ranking
  • Google Secrets explains the detailed, step-by-step SEO process that has been proven to work in getting Top 10 rankings on the Google search engine. With Google Secrets, you'll learn everything you need to know to achieve high ranking on your own, and do it over again for every website you want to market and promote on the Internet. It is a step-by-step formula written in terms anyone with a basic familiarity of HTML can understand.
  • A high ranking means nothing for keywords that aren't searched or relevant to your website. A targeted keyword strategy is the foundation of your success on Google:
    -Learn which search terms (keywords) can bring the most qualified traffic to your site.
    -Find out how targeting the right keywords can effect your ranking.
    -How to determine the best, most relevant and most important keywords for your site.
    -Learn why keyword research and analysis is absolutely critical to your inline success.
    -Learn why WordTracker is the best tool to use and how to use it most effectively.
  • Confused about the importance and hype over Google Page Rank? If you're serious about getting a top ranking on Google, you can't afford to leave this information on the table:
    -Avoid the common mistake of confusing Google Page Rank (PR) with your site ranking.
    -Learn why PageRank is so misunderstood, and why it may not matter as much as you think.
    -Learn how to increase your Page Rank most effectively for all pages
    -Learn how to best benefit from information shown in the Google Toolbar.
  • Google loves links to your site. But not all links are equal. And just because someone links to you doesn't mean you should link to them:
    -Find out why linking is so important and why you need a linking strategy.
    -Learn how links and Page Rank are related and how they effect your site ranking.
    -Learn which links are the most important for your website.
    -Learn how to get other sites to link to you. A step-by-step checklist will guide you.
    -Learn how to set up and manage an ongoing reciprocal link campaign the right way.
  • Price: $79.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Google Secrets - How To Get A Top Rank
Google Secrets - How To Get A Top Rank
Price: $79.00