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Internet Copywriting
 Name of book:Confessions Of A Website Copywriter
 Author:Lenny Eng
 Author bio:President
 Blurb:Solo Ads, Articles and Complete Advertising Packages.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Solo Ads, Sales Letter
  • Confessions of a Website Copywriter' contains all the research, all the experiences and all the critical pieces of the puzzle that the other courses leave out! In fact, the strategies in this course are so new and revolutionary, they are not being revealed or taught as a whole by anyone else in the market!
  • Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn and discover:
    -The quickest and easiest way to creating a sales letter known to man!
    The real reasons people buy -- the secret truth long known by master salesman, sociologists and 'con-men' finally revealed!
    -How to transform your opening paragraph into a powerful psychological sales magnet!
    -A powerful little secret to creating captivating benefit laden copy in no time flat!
    -How to push the mental buttons that activate the emotional buying triggers in your prospect's mind!
    -The real insider secrets to making your testimonials sell!
    -A sneaky but incredibly smart way to get an unlimited number of news articles and reports to support your claims!
    -Stealth marketing tactics for monitoring and beating your online competition!
    -The tiny little adjustment to your fulfillment process that will cause an absolute flash flood of testimonials pouring into your office!
    -3 no-lose ways to eliminating your reader's resistance levels using 'mental engagement'!
    =The insider secrets to using 'curiosity and intrigue' to keep your visitor reading!
    =A simple method of testing your letters that could skyrocket response by 1800%!
    -A guaranteed way to creating a powerful unique selling proposition that will destroy your competition and allow you to dominate your market (along with 28 Unique Selling Proposition that you can use)!
    -34 sure-fire bullet formulas you can plug right into to create sizzling hot, benefit packed bullets with ease!
    -How to create letters so powerful, you'll almost be afraid to use them!
    -And these are just a few of the coveted strategies you'll discover.
  • Confessions of a Website Copywriter' is different. It is one of the first courses to reveal the crucial secrets behind credible website design.Here's what you'll discover:
    -The shocking truth about website credibility recently discovered by Stanford University!
    -The dirty secrets you must implement on your site to gain trust and convince visitors that you're not just another 'scam artist' online!
    -The closely guarded strategies design secrets to creating a 'real world' feel on your site and why this is crucial to getting business from your prospects!
    How to build a professional image and add extra impact to your credibility with just a few simple design techniques!
  • Here's just some of what you'll discover:
    -4 easy to install lead generating mechanisms and how to use them on your site!
    The most important thing you could ever learn about pop up windows, and why relying on them to generate leads is dangerous!
    -How to be one of the first persons on the planet to suck insane profits from the coming 'Slide In Pop Up' revolution!
    8 almost magic lead generating offers that will explode the number of responses you're currently getting out of the water!
    -4 down and dirty techniques for following up with your prospects and snowballing their value by up to 426%!
  • You'll learn:
    -The simple changes in your payment proposition that will practically force prospects to give you their money!
    ow to use bonuses to attract a stampede of business to your door!
    -3 powerful enhancements to turning your guarantee into a turbo charged weapon that will have your customers begging for more!
    -5 simple yet alluring pricing strategies that will shock your prospects and explode sales through the roof!
    -How to create a drop-dead, kick butt offer that is virtually guaranteed to sell like crazy (both on and off-line)!
  • Price: $27.00 - Get Ebook Now
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