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 Name of book:The Ultimate Guide To Sales Comebacks And Rebuttals
 Author:Bob Firestone
 Blurb:Internet Marketing

 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Online Marketing, Internet Marketing
  • The Guide is 49 pages long (over 15,000 words) and it includes 152 intelligent and effective Comebacks and Rebuttals, 17 Closing Power Statements, 38 selling questions that isolate the objection, 6 budget data-mining questions, and 4 free Bonus Sections that are a huge value in their own right. This is an instant download .
  • Use these proven sales techniques and sales scripts to increase your confidence, improve your sales calls, and fatten up your commission checks.
  • Use this Guide to build and re-enforce your attitude of confidently EXPECTING to succeed. Visualize the close! If you are serious about making more money in sales, then you owe it to yourself to add this Guide to your arsenal.
  • The Guide also comes with 17 CLOSING POWER STATEMENTS that ask for the sale once you have deftly conquered all objections. Here is a free peek:
    -" ... Why don't you take it?"
    -"Jim, if we could get the paperwork out of the way right now, then that would be JUST ONE LESS THING IN YOUR WAY before you start to reap the rewards that you agreed would be great for you. If my assistant faxes something over right now, CAN IT GET AN 'OK' BY THE END OF THE DAY?"
    -"SO HERE'S WHAT WE NEED TO DO. The $4,500 package includes (detailed list of benefits) ... THAT'S EVERYTHING, RIGHT? ... Are these the ones you want? Fantastic. My assistant is going to go ahead and fax over a simple agreement that will need an approval. WILL IT GET FAXED BACK TO US BY THE END OF THE DAY?"
    -"OK, I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A RECOMMENDATION based on what you have told me. I think it would be smart for you to go with the intermediate package that you agreed would be great for you. Will the approval get the 'OK' it needs when my assistant faxes it over in five minutes? THAT's ALL WE NEED TO DO to get my guys started on this for you ... "
    -"... if we could do that for you, THEN WOULD YOU SERIOUSLY CONSIDER GIVING IT SHOT? ..."
    -"Can you see how this is a low-risk way to totally rule out failure and ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS for years to come? Let's give it a shot, OK
  • Price: $24.77 - Get Ebook Now
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Internet Marketing - Pro Shop
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