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When Mr Cb - Meets - Mr SuperTips
 Name of book:ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips
 Author:Harvey Segal
 Author bio:Harvey Segal (Mr SuperTips) is the world's top ClickBank expert. He owns The Complete Guide to ClickBank
- the only site devoted completely to ClickBank. The ClickBank Success Forum - the only forum devoted completely to ClickBank.
 Blurb:He's the world's top ClickBank expert - and he's giving you all his secrets.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Clickbank Marketing, Affiliate Marketing
  • The super guide for ClickBank affiliates
    - written by the ClickBank Guru
    - filled with dazzling tips.
  • Contents include:
    Where To Find A Product To Promote
    -How to find ClickBank products that are not in the Marketplace
    -How to run a keyword search or a commission rate search for a Marketplace product
    Is The Product Worth Promoting ?
    -Don't be fooled by the Marketplace rankings - how a product can be top without ever having a sale !
    -When the commission shown at the Marketplace is not the real commission
    -Be an early bird - how to find new products which have just been released
    Join The Affiliate Program
    -Don't use the hoplink until you make this check
    -The most common mistake made with your affiliate URL - it means you won't get commission
    -What is the commission on a sale, the VAT, the transaction fee ? Let the ClickBank calculator show you
    -What you need to know about enhanced hoplinks.
  • The book includes:
    How To Promote The Product
    -The fastest way To ClickBank profits
    -The number one method of promotion
    -How to beat your PPC competitors
    -The last ClickBank affiliate gets the commission. How to make sure it's you
    -Once your visitor clicks on your affiliate link don't lose him: how to follow up
    -Why you should not link directly to your affiliate site
    -Why customers might remove your affiliate link - and how to stop them
    Testing and Tracking
    -How many visitors click on your links ? ClickBank provides no stats - so here's where to learn about ad trackers
    -Why no ad trackers (except one) can monitor affiliate sales
    -How to track which ad campaigns result in affiliate sales - without ad trackers
    Why You Are Losing Commissions
    -Affiliate link theft - what you can do about it
    -Sale page leaks - five ways that you are losing out on commission
    -When you should bypass the vendor's sales page - and how to do it
    -The reason why a sales page shows multiple ClickBank products - and how you can promote them individually
    -A clever case of vendor fraud and no commission for you - here's how to check
    -Refunds - how to get your vendor to minimize them
    -Downtime at ClickBank means lost sales. Here's what you tell your vendor.
  • It includes:
    Special Affiliate Programs
    -How to get paid for introducing others to ClickBank
    -ClickBank storefronts - the right way to use them
    -How to get commissions for ClickBank products you don't promote ! It takes one line of code - and it's free
    -How to avoid dead ClickBank links in rebranded books
    -Why use Google AdSense ? Try a ClickBank version
    -The ideal ClickBank affiliate program
    Your Clickbank Earnings
    -Alternatives to payment by check
    -A tool to analyze all your sales and refunds across all your accounts
    ClickBank Contact
    -Where to find the latest announcements from ClickBank - and the best way to contact them.
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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When Mr Cb - Meets - Mr SuperTips
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