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Find Ugly Homes And Assign The Contracts
 Name of book:Find and Assign - How to Make Fast Cash by Flipping or Wholesaling Real Estate real estate investing
 Author:Not Available
 Blurb:Profit in real estate without cash, credit or risk. Learn how to make quick cash in real estate without owning property.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Real Estate Investing, Real Estate Investment
  • Looking to get started in real estate investing but don't know where to start? Don't have enough cash or credit to purchase an investment property? Afraid to take on payment risk? Too confused on lease options, pre-foreclosures, buying "subject to" or short sales? Yeah, so was I. But then I discovered a way to make money in real estate in a SAFE way, and now I can share this information with you. For less that the cost to fill up an SUV with a tank of gas, I am going to teach you
  • Using our program, you will learn how to find properties that are in need of rehab work, then make an offer on the property that guarantees another investor the profits that he can make after he rehabs the house and resells it. You will then learn how to find these investors and assign them the contract you negotiated with the homeowner. You get your assignment fee of around $3000 to $6000, guaranteed at settlement. You will also learn how to use an option to purchase the property and assign the option to an investor for an assignment fee, which you get right away, whether or not the investor buys the property!
  • Using the "Find and Assign" approach, you have the following benefits:
    -No Need for Excessive Cash or Credit: You are not taking title to a house and thus have no need for cash or credit. All you need is $10 for an Earnest Money Deposit, or perhaps $100 for a purchase option, and some nominal amounts for business cards, classified ads and mailings.
    -No Repair Headaches: You will not be involved in the rehab of the home, thus you do not have to worry about monitoring your contractor, dealing with cost overruns or getting permits and inspections done.
    -No Holding Costs: You will have no payments to make, no property taxes to pay and no insurance to obtain.
    -Ready Market of Sellers and Buyers: Using the techniques in this package, you will learn about 16 ways to find motivated sellers, and 7 ways to find eager buyers who will purchase your contract from you.
    Fast Profits: You can make your first $5000 in less than 30 days.
  • I want you to get started making offers on properties by next week. In my book, you will learn everything you need to do just that. Here is a chapter summary:
    Chapter 1. Ways to Make Money in Real Estate
    Chapter 2. Getting Your Ducks in Order
    Chapter 3. Finding Motivated Sellers
    Chapter 4. Analyzing a Deal and Making an Offer
    Chapter 5. Preparing a Property Overview Package
    Chapter 6. Finding Buyers for Your Contracts
    Chapter 7. Investing in HUD Homes
    Chapter 8. Cash Flow and ROI Analysis
    Chapter 9. Basic Principle of Real Estate
    Chapter 10. Creating Cash with Discounted Notes
    Appendix A - S. Forms, Letters and Ads
  • Price: $29.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Find Ugly Homes And Assign The Contracts
Find Ugly Homes And Assign The Contracts
Price: $29.00