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Top Search Engine Ranking Secrets In Google Revealed
 Name of book:Top Search Engine Ranking Secrets In Google Revealed
 Author:Jean Lam
 Blurb:Discover the secrets to drive massive traffic from top google rankings.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Ranking
  • In 112 pages of meaty and no nonsense information, you'll get a step-by-step plan in getting a top search engine placement in Google and you'll be amazed at the depth of detail that this ebook delivers and how it takes you by the hand and shows you how to do it, from start to finish.
  • What does this eBook cover:
    -Step-by-step instructions how to research your keywords for your particular industry with examples and screenshots
    -How to choose profitable keywords that will bring you massive traffic and sales
    -In-depth analysis of keyword selection and promotion
    -Target the wrong keywords and all your efforts will be vain
    -How to know if a keyword is a niche meaning it will be more easier to get a top ranking for there is less competition
    -Building and Optimizing your website for Google the most effective way
    -The one thing you should avoid when building your website for this will minimize your chances in achieving a top search engine ranking guaranteed
    -The MOST important areas on your site to include your keywords for maximum benefit
    -What you should know about keyword density and its importance in search engine optimization and search engine ranking. And how to use it effectively to put your site away from the risk of getting penalized by the search engines
    -Discover this FREE tool that will check your keyword density automatically in a few seconds. Save you lots of time.
  • This book includes:
    -Discover this simple but effective technique that will get your site crawled and indexed by Google without even submitting PLUS gives you FREE advertising. This is one of the most neglected marketing tactics but yet among one of the most lucrative and profitable
    -The Importance of web directories and what they can do to your website. I'll even give you a list of 74+ quality web directories
    -The Real Truth about link popularity and what you should know about it
    -A FREE tool that will check your link popularity automatically
    -What you should know about the Google Toolbar, PageRank(PR) and their roles in search engine optimization and search engine ranking. Not being aware of this will leave you in the dark and can have a negative impact in your search engine promotions
    -PR Leaking and PR Retaining concepts explained
    -3 Effective Ways To Control PageRank in SEO
    -Discover this little but powerful technique that will boost your search engine ranking dramatically. And not knowing how to effectively use it will get you severely penalized by Google guaranteed. You'll learn about this fundamental aspect of search engine optimization on pages 48 and 49 in Chapter 6
    -I'll reveal to you how to optimize your website the way I do such that Google will love it and you will prosper in the search engines guaranteed
    -The Truth about building a powerful internal link structure to maximize your search engine rankings. Very Important
    -What is a doorway page and how to use it effectively. Discover 2 things that you should know to use doorway pages the right way. Do it wrong and you can potentially miss out on the benefits that they can bring to your business
    -Simple powerful tactics to promote mini-sites on the search engines. 1 little thing you should be aware of before creating a mini-site. Not knowing this can severely reduce your chances in ever getting a decent search engine ranking
    -How to integrate JavaScript and Flash navigation menu on your website and ensure that this does not prevent Google from spidering your pages
    -What's all the fuss about the Google Dance and the fluctuating updates like Florida, Austin and Brandy
    -What you should know about Alexa Ranking and its importance related to your website.
    -The New Yahoo Search Technology Revealed. Yahoo is also a major player along with Google. So a good ranking in them should not be ignored
    -What is the Google Sandbox Syndrome all about
    -And there is more.
  • Benefits of a High Ranking in Google:
    -Google generates about 35% of all searches made on the search engines
    -Generate TONS of clicks to your website for a long time to come
    -A high listing in Google also means a top ranking in AOL, Netscape and iWon for Google powers its results in them. AOL delivers about 16% of overall search engine traffic
    -Increase your sales by 500% and more. More targeted traffic equals to more sales, for on the internet, this is partly a numbers game
    -Convert those valuable visitors into loyal subscribers to your newsletter. Hence you will be building your own opt in email list of subscribers and stay in regular contact with them by email. This marketing technique builds credibility and trust and is one of the MOST powerful strategies used by top marketers
    -Stop worrying about generating traffic to your website constantly and get busy doing other more important things for your business
    -Save hundreds even thousands of dollars in advertising
    -Become a well known and respected authority on the web
    -Stand head and shoulders above your competitors.
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Top Search Engine Ranking Secrets In Google Revealed
Top Search Engine Ranking Secrets In Google Revealed
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