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Killer Orgasms
 Name of book:Killer Orgasms: How to Have The Best Sex Humanly Possible
 Author:Gary Halbert
 Blurb:How To Have The Best Sex Humanly Possible - By Gary Halbert.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Sex, Sex Orgasm
  • If you are interested in having an absolutely incredible sex life, there is a new book (just published) that has the most exciting secrets you will ever read.
  • To help you decide if this book is for you or not, here are some of the secrets revealed in it:
    -The real reason why Prozac and Zoloft are so popular in this country! -The single biggest sexual complaint women have about men!
    -The single biggest sexual complaint men have about women!
    -A dead "giveaway" which proves if a woman is faking her orgasms!
    -A brand new discovery which any man can use to instantly (and safely) boost his testosterone level!
    -A secret almost nobody (except a few, elite, very wealthy people) know about... which can lead to... a male having multiple orgasms)
    -A special place (and a special way) to touch a woman to guarantee mind-altering sex!
    -The two almost unknown secrets (one mental, one physical) men need to know to have rock-hard erections... at any age!
    -A scientifically-proven "aphrodisiac" which gently sends a woman's sexual desires into white-hot overdrive!
    -What lesbians know about oral sex which men don't... and... why more men today are losing their women to other women!
    -The single most important thing a woman can do to make herself more attractive to the opposite sex!
    and much more.
  • Further more:
    -The single most important thing a man can do to make himself more attractive to the opposite sex!
    -Three sure-fire ways to tell if your spouse or "significant other" has had sex with someone else in the last 24-hours!
    -How any man can make all of his erections last longer!
    -Almost foolproof contraception: It's over 99% effective but... so new... most people have never even heard about it!
    -A male "pleasure trigger" accidentally discovered by medical doctors which... curbs premature ejaculation... and... increases the frequency and quality of male orgasms!
    -The number one rule which absolutely... must be observed... for women to have a truly spectacular orgasm!
    -An amazing secret just recently discovered which every man should know about how to... instantly... put his woman "in the mood"!
    -A sex act which is impossible for most men which women rave about... and... often say "is more enjoyable than orgasms!"
    -A little known foreplay secret (only recently revealed by a world famous female sex therapist) that gives a man a foolproof method which makes certain his woman will have an explosive orgasm... every time they make love!
    -A perfectly normal (and healthy) sex act between a man and woman... once forbidden... by American psychiatrists... but... which they now admit... will dramatically increase the amount of great sex in a relationship!
  • Following are a few more of the scorching secrets you will learn when you read this book:
    -An exclusive "pleasure map" with a "fingertip" guide to the 16 most sizzling "hot spots" on a woman's body... including... at least FOUR she probably hasn't discovered herself!
    -A secret "pleasure spot" on a man's body (it's like a male G-spot) which is so hidden away by nature... not one man in a thousand knows about it... and yet... it can produce awesome, shuddering waves of pleasure!
    -The thrilling "18-Hour-Plan" (developed by sex experts) which... no matter how fatigued you've been... or... how long you both have been in a rut... will reignite the passion between the two of you!
    -The six "tricks" which are a man's surest path to quickly increase his woman's "clitoral arousal" which is... the most certain way for a man to bring his partner's "foreplay clock" into sync with his!
    -The details about how sex researchers destroyed a dangerous sexual myth... and... why a woman does NOT need longer foreplay... if... the man who is her lover knows what he is doing!
    -What both men AND women need to know about PMS... and... how this knowledge will solve almost all problems caused by PMS!
    -Why "pick-up lines" almost never work... and... the ONE "almost magic" way to approach a woman which works nearly every time!
    -Why most couples miss out on the searing, hottest peak of their "love clock" during the day... and... why they never even realize it!
    -How to use the amazing "Bio Cure" created by noted sex researchers... which... is especially critical for busy parents!
    -Four incredibly easy ways a man can make sure he NEVER again has to worry about the erection problems 52% of all men (even those under 30 years old) report as their number one source of embarrassment!
    -Flirting secrets used by all women that 95% of men don't even recognize... and... how a man's life instantly gets ten times more exciting... when he does learn to recognize and understand these little-known secrets!
    -Casanova's Secret: He was the most famous lover in history and scientists have now discovered he actually did have a secret aphrodisiac (that can be made from natural foods)... which... has been proven to stimulate the "sex chemicals" in a woman's brain!
    -The one best way to win the true undying love of a member of the opposite sex!
    -What (and how) a man can learn about his woman's masturbation secrets... which will... supercharge HIS sex life!
    -A 15-minute change in the way you shower and dress which may very likely double your animal attractiveness to the opposite sex!
    -Ten things a man must know about a woman which guarantees he and she will have GREAT (not just good) sex!
    -A simple 3-second "trick" which 100% eliminates "performance anxiety" in men!
    -How to get into a deep, soul-pleasing rapport with your lover... and... stay there forever! (You will never feel alone again.)
    -Four little "target words" which can help you win your lover's heart forever!
  • Here are yet more of the secrets revealed in this amazing book:
    -The 10 most common "clumsy mistakes" 90% of all men make during lovemaking... and... how to quickly learn the "inside secrets" of the most satisfied 10%!
    -A very important (but almost unknown) "trick" which will end "nagging" on both sides of a relationship... forever!
    -Why your fingernails might literally be ruining your love life!
    -What women really want from a man!
    -Why men almost always fail to understand a woman's "physiological signals" even after years of marriage!
    -The only list anyone can trust about what really makes a man attractive to women!
    -How often (on average) do men think about sex every day? How often do women think about sex every day?
    -A "Last Stop" medical option for men with medical problems which prevent them from achieving an erection!
    The single biggest turn-on of every woman... and... how a man who knows how to give it to her can use this simple "sure-fire" secret to enjoy devotion and love so deep and profound... most men can't even imagine it!
    -How to (at any age) make sex last all night long... and... experience the most intense, prolonged orgasms you've ever imagined!
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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